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7 Summertime Limericks Written by Cats

Felines take up their pens and get rhymey celebrating things that come with hot weather.

Angie Bailey  |  Jul 7th 2016

Summertime is here, and cats are ready to celebrate the season … with poetry. Confused? Don’t be. We all know kitties are creative types with loads of talent, so why wouldn’t they bust a rhyme or two? Today we find evidence that they’ve tried their paws at concocting a few limericks for your seasonal reading pleasure. That’s right — limericks are for more than St. Paddy’s Day.

So settle in, crank up the oscillating fan, pour yourself a cool glass of iced tea, and enjoy these summertime-themed limericks crafted by kitties.

"So much to say ... so few pages."

“So much to say … so few pages.” Photo via Shutterstock

Puff was a large cat of gray,
Whose belly would swing, sweep, and sway;
So it surprised no one,
On days there was sun,
His great gut engulfed a whole ray.


Kip dined on the patio for dinner,
Outdoor meals made him feel like a winner;
He’d chow and watch yard moles,
Dash into small holes,
Which made Kip wish he were thinner.

"Writer's block."

“Writer’s block.” Photo via Shutterstock

There once was a tabby named Tito,
Who wanted a taste of burrito;
The people said “no,”
Which filled him with woe,
But then he found a stray Cheeto.


Yo-Yo enjoyed the fresh breeze,
And the smell of the leaves on the trees;
He sneaked through the door,
And came back at four,
Happy, but covered in fleas.

"I feel a poem coming on."

“I feel a poem coming on.” Photo via Shutterstock

There once was a big cat named Stan,
Who always hogged the box fan;
Mittens swatted his tail,
But to no avail,
He needed a better game plan.


Mitzy watched from the door,
As the lady scooped ice cream for four;
The small ones were sloppy,
Their cones would get floppy,
So the cat kept her eyes on the floor.

"Feeling inspired is hard work."

“Feeling inspired is hard work.” Photo via Shutterstock

Bo had only once vice,
He loved to lick cubes of ice;
Mitzy said to take care,
Don’t bat them under the chair,
But Bo never took her advice.


Would your cat write limericks? Share a verse or two in the comments!