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7 Cat Puns You Need to Read Right Meow

Cats and puns are a natural combo; that should purrsuade you to read these punny kitty funnies.

Angie Bailey  |  Sep 14th 2015

I’m a fanatic when it comes to puns. I just can’t help myself. Sometimes when I see a TV show title, catch phrase, or song lyric, I have to pun-ify it. I enjoy passing puns with others (“punny and share”), but I mostly create these funnies simply to amuse myself. Occasionally, I’ll think of one and tell myself to remember it because it’s just too good, but then I’m distracted by a cat or have to wash dishes, and there it goes … right down the drain as my brain goes fuzzy.

Speaking of fuzzy, I love cats as much as I love puns. I recently pondered the meshing of two of my favorite things, and my head nearly exploded with joy! It’s even better than …

“You put your peanut butter in my chocolate!”

“No, you put your chocolate in my peanut butter!”

And that pondering was the catalyst for this post. Here are seven cat puns you must read right meow!

1. Twin peeks


Photo Source: Pixabay

I had to throw in a David Lynch pun, and Twin Peaks is one of my favorite shows. I thought about creating something with “Clawra Palmer,” but couldn’t see that one going in any kind of good direction. Maybe “Cata-log Lady” would have been funny.

2. Tackle kits


Photo Source: Pixabay

Kittens! I’ve used the “first aid kit” pun, but this one popped into my head, sending me off to find a photo of kittens tackling one another. My job is awful, isn’t it?

3. Mew Tube


Photo Source: Pixabay

This was an easy one, and it’s not an especially difficult challenge to find a photo of a cat in a tube. You know what you might see on Mew Tube? A Mew Kids on the Block video. And maybe something from Mew Order.

4. Furrah Faucet


Pre-Furrah photo source: Katy Herman

This is the first pun that came to me, and I had to figure out a way to make it happen. Thank goodness there’s no shortage of cat-in-sink photos, and offers a handy hair-makeover feature. Instant Furrah Faucet!

5. President of the bored


Photo Source: Angie Bailey

My Cosmo is always good for an interesting snapshot. First of all, notice the glorious peeky-tongue. Thank you for noticing. Next, observe his obvious boredom. Can you imagine? A cat getting irritated or bored by humans taking a gazillion photos of him? You’ve gotta be kitten me. I know that one’s a bit overused, but I thought it’d be purrfect. Ugh — sorry!

6. Clothing optional


Photo Source: Angie Bailey

Sometimes you feel like lounging on a pile of clothing, and sometimes you don’t. And a cat always has the right to change his mind about the whole situation — that’s fur sure.

7. Aloofah pouf

aloofah pouf cat puns

Photo Source: Pixabay

Who’s more aloof than a cat? What’s more floofy than a loofah pouf? Why do we even have to ponder these kinds of things when we have an perfectly delightful aloofah pouf before our very eyes? Soon, the aloofa pouf will decide to nap, and then she’ll become an aloafa pouf. Is that too much of a stretch? Nah — any way you slice it, it’s still pretty funny.

Do you have any favorite cat puns? Share them in the comments!

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