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5 Recipes for Deliciously Cute Cat Videos

We've discovered the key ingredients. Let's get to work.

Dorian Wagner  |  Aug 14th 2012

Think of all the cat videos you’ve watched and all the cats in them. You can probably name Maru, Oskar the Blind Cat, Lil Bub, and maybe Anakin the Two-Legged Cat or those cats who always have stuff on their heads. So what is it about those kitties that has made them so famous?

Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m about to give away their secret cat-video recipes!

Secret Cute Cat Video Recipe No. 1

What you need:

1 mirror (can be bathroom mirror, closet mirror, or mirror you have propped against the wall because you’re too lazy to hang it)

1 tiny kitten who has never seen a mirror before


Place tiny kitten in front of mirror. Step back, turn on camera, record. Post to YouTube and watch view counts skyrocket.

Secret Cute Cat Video Recipe No. 2


1 cat with a disability who doesn’t know he’s disabled at all


Allow kitty to do everything a nondisabled cat would do and film it (for example, playing with a toy, running around the house at full speed, wrestling with other kittens, jumping somewhere you’d never think he could jump to). Bonus points if you catch him doing it for the first time. Share on Facebook. Watch Internet collectively melt.

Secret Cute Cat Video Recipe No. 3


1 cat or kitten

1 animal of another species (enormous dog, small fragile-looking bird, elephant, etc.)


Arrange the unlikely pair on the couch or a large pile of blankets and allow them to cuddle for the camera.

Variations: Have cat “adopt” an animal of other species (for example, nurse a tiny pink pig or groom a runty baby squirrel) or have cat play-fight and win against animal of other species, if said animal is much larger or stereotypically rougher.

Secret Cute Cat Video Recipe No. 4


1 sleepy kitten, the younger the better


Make sure sleepy kitten is sitting up straight. Step back and wait for the perfect moment when his eyes start closing. Turn on camera and film him doing the “sleepy sway” until he finally falls asleep and topples over. For extra cuteness, follow instructions above but suddenly wake kitten back up just as he’s toppling, and repeat.

Secret Cute Cat Video Recipe No. 5

What you need:

1 box

1 cat, preferably much larger than the box


Turn on camera. Watch large cat attempt to fit himself in small box. Internet hilarity ensues.

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