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The 10 Silliest Cat Videos of All Time

Wait, are cats silly? Well, they're silly when their owners are silly -- and these owners are downright ridiculous.

Stephanie Harwin  |  Jul 10th 2012

We’ve covered the absolutely amazing to the unbelievably cute, and now it’s time to delve into the silliest cat videos, which put a smile on our face every single time! From patty-cake playing cats to a kitty with a fetish for curry, these felines know just what to do to keep us endlessly entertained.

Have a favorite that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

1. Keyboard Cat

Charlie Schmidt had no way of knowing that the videotape he made of his cat, Fatso, playing the keyboard in 1984 would eventually go on to become one of the most popular cat videos of all time. Sadly, Fatso went over the rainbow bridge before he had a chance to experience YouTube fame, but his furry heir, Bento, has done a great job of upholding the Keyboard Cat name.

2. Cats Playing Patty Cake

What are these cats doing? Playing? Fighting? Mining for Internet gold? The clip, which could arguably also fall into the “cute” category, also spawned this delightfully silly translation video that portrayed the dueling twosome as a pair of dudes just trying to get through a round of the classic children’s game.

3. Cat Birthday Celebration

Shirobu, one of the most underrated cats from Japan, had a moment of popularity with this funny clip that portrayed him as a tie-wearing grump who reluctantly endures a round of “Happy Birthday” from the comfort of his kitty-sized armchair.

4. Highbrow Cat Video Bomb

The holiest thing going on in this hilarious video is the kitty’s unwavering devotion to ruining the shot.

5. Kitten vs. Two Scary Things

The dramatic music, the bouncing kitten, the delightfully fresh fruit! You can’t help but break out into a smile when watching this epic battle between cat and produce.

6. How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas

What better way to prepare for Santa than with Flippy the cat and his awesome instructional video on wrapping the purrfect Christmas gift?

7. Curry Neko

This quirky clip from Japan gives us an inside look at one cat’s very strange desire to get up close and personal with a steaming bowl of delicious-looking curry.

8. Cat vs. Cat and Printer Translation

British comedian Chris Cohen has a slew of silly cat translations under his belt, including Cat vs. Printer and Bully Cat and the Box, but my absolute favorite is this conversation between a testy cat and his fur sibling, who just can’t keep his paws to himself!

9. Cat vs. Fish

In a reversal of roles, Oscar the fish gives this curious kitty one heck of a surprise when he pops out of his tank to deliver the slap heard ’round the Internet.

10. Thriller Cat

I’m not sure what spooked this cat so much, but I’m sure it wasn’t anything too traumatic, so I don’t have to feel bad watching this giggle-worthy video over and over again!