I dare you to deny these faces. Go ahead, take a look at them and try and tell these cats that they can’t have whatever it is they want.

No wonder they have us all so wrapped around their little paws!

Tabby pouts the poutiest pout possible. Photo by awayatpost.

Mello the cat pouts and dreams of days of unlimited tuna and treats. Photo by shianna.

Pepper pouting about the new kitten getting too much attention. Photo by ttrue88.

Oscar makes his best puppy dog face. You uncontrollably head for the treat cabinet… Photo by *tamara*.

Bear wants to lie in the sun … but the sunpuddle is all the way on the other side of the room. Photo by littletrousers.

Jonah pulls off the perfect pout. Photo by Sphinx-Mama.

Jasper ruminates on how many hours until dinnertime. Too many. Photo by diana_dee_sophia.

Pilcsta pouts. Maybe cats who have curly hair wish it was straight, just like humans. Photo by TransKmasT.

Sissy wonders, oh where, oh where has my human gone? Photo by jmarieng.

Meisie may be young, but this is an advanced pout. Photo by David Maury.