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10 Kittens Who Seem to Think They’re Parrots

Is that a kitten on your shoulder or are you just happy to see me?

Dorian Wagner  |  Apr 9th 2012

What is it with cats and shoulders? It seems like every kitten is born with the instinct to just climb up there and perch like a parrot.

When my cat, Pimp, was a baby, he would sit there for hours — we’d do the dishes like that every night and he’d make the five-hour car ride home to my parents’ house (I was still in college) sitting on my shoulder as fluffy co-pilot. It was cute until he got too big for that brand of shenanigans.

I’m sure many of you have parrot cats, too. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

There's a kitten on his shoulder

Tillie thought climbing up there was a good idea, but now it kind of looks like a long way down. Photo by bcmom.


Shoulders offer marvelous face-snuggling opportunities. Photo by Justin Masterson.

Huxley on shoulders II

Hurley looking particularly fuzzy and basking in the warm glow of good lighting. Photo by IONclad.

A young Rocky on my shoulder

Peek-a-boo! We see you, Rocky! Photo by david_baer.

Kitten on a Shoulder

They start so young, don’t they? Hold on tight, little one! Photo by bonnerphotographic.


Salem is probably a good example of a cat who is too big for this thing. Don’t you dare tell her that, though. Photo by victoria schofield.

Itty bitty kitty (well, he used to be)

Teek snoopervising his mom’s computer using. She better not be looking at other cats! Photo by splityarn.

Laban sleeping

Does this picture crack you up as much as it did me? How can he possibly look so serious and actually pose like that with little Laban on his shoulder? Photo by vidarino.

#MarchPhotoADay SMILE {Kitten On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy}

A kitten on your shoulder would make anyone happy! Photo by kisluvkis.

Kitten hat

Whoa. Two kitties on one purrson? What does this mean? Photo by Stephen Dowling.