Sometimes when you have something important to say, it’s best to say it super loud. Some people would say that’s yelling, but we’ll just call it “speaking with feeling.”

Now what in the world do you think these kitties are complaining about?

Can someone turn that alarm off?! I said FIVE MORE MINUTES! Photo by Melkir.

OMC! Too high! Too high! Put me down! Put me down! Photo by Floating Chloe.

For the last time, I said NO. We are not going in the water! Photo by Baja Cali.

You crazy kittens, get off my lawn! Photo by a-zhan.

What? I fit just fine on this seat, thank you very much! Photo by vanstaffs.

Mooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm! Photo by eva101.

Ahhh! Has anyone seen my hair?! Photo by rich.

The whole big couch and I have to sit on this little blanket? Not fair! Photo by Kingjay.

I asked for a scratching post, not a cheap cardboard box! Photo by webber0075.

Why does it hurt every time I bite this yummy paw? Photo by freya p.