Most cats are very sweet and loving. All they want to do is find a warm sun puddle to snooze in, chirp at birds through the window, chase moths, and eat food. Lots of food.

But some cats are ticking time bombs, ready to launch shrapnel of teeth and claws at you if you just look at them the wrong way. And when cats get hissed, they’ll let you know it with a blazing display of static fur and bared fangs. They manage to somehow expand to ten times their size. There are few things as terrifying.

And just to reiterate the point, here are 10 cats who are about to make Swiss cheese of your face if you don’t back off, like, now.

“Do you see me laughing? I’m not laughing.”

“Angry birds?! How about ANGRY CAT?!”

“I told you! NO PHOTOS!”

“See these claws? Yeah, take a good look at them. And my one fang. These are going to be the last things you see if you don’t fill my dish IMMEDIATELY.”

“Seriously, who spells ‘Chica’ with two c’s? You have failed me for the last time, human.”

“Here, have a whiff of fish breath and a splatter of spittle!”

“What? This is just how my face looks.”

“I don’t like this! I don’t like this! Get this OFF OF ME! ACTIVATE LASER EYES!”

“Yeah, you know that superstition about black cats crossing your path? It’s about to become true if you don’t scoot, buddy.”

“Death would be too merciful, human. Instead I will wake you every morning at 5 a.m. by clawing at your sleep-twitching toes.”