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10 Cats Hugging Teddy Bears

Fuzzy kittens hugging and spooning teddy bears -- as if kittens weren't cute enough sleeping by themselves!

Dorian Wagner  |  Jun 11th 2012

These kittens want a teddy. And they’ll love him and hug him and squeeze him, and maybe even name him George.

Be sure to have a roll of paper towels around when you look at these pictures, because you’ll melt in a puddle and you’ll need to clean yourself up off the floor.

Either that or you’ll feel really sleepy from all the snoozing going on here, and then you’ll be able to use it for a pillow!

Looks like Teddy’s pinned down. No one is getting up from this nap any time soon. Source: via Jay on Pinterest

I will squeeze the stuffing outta you, teddy! Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest

Aw, tummy hug! Source: via Emilia on Pinterest

A perfect spooning! Source: via Micki on Pinterest


Emily hugging her teddy. This is one clown that isn’t scary! Photo by NiteLynx.

Ginger kitty is fuzzier than her stuffy friend. Source: via Gaby on Pinterest

It’s Oskar the Blind Kitten! Do you know him? We love Oskar! Source: via Jillian on Pinterest

Tiny kitten Daisy hugs her tiny teddy. Look at that charcoal nose! Source: via Gothic on Pinterest

The days are longer and hotter, so spend them lounging with good friend! Source: via Dee on Pinterest.

Neko and teddy

Neko gets the left side of the bed … if you’re facing it. That always gets confusing. Photo by Sweet Neko