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Miley Cyrus had the Internet up in a twist and all atwitter on Sunday night with her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards show. In short: She ran through a medley of hits with Robin Thicke that involved lots of rear-end shaking and very few clothes. (You can check her performance over at MTV, although it might not be totally safe for the modern bottom-repressed workplace.)

While running amuck on stage, Miley also stuck out her tongue a lot — which is something Miley is very fond of doing. To the point where it’s hard to find a picture of her with her tongue safely tucked away. Science has yet to come up with a convincing explanation for Miley’s tongue-out tendency, just as it also has yet to explain the average cat’s propensity to also sticking out her tongue, especially when in the vicinity of a camera. You see where this one’s going: Here’s a gallery of cats who look like Miley, cribbed from the former Ms. Montana’s social media outlets.

1. Keeping your facial expression serious helps accentuate the power of the tongue.

2. Nothing says affection like giving your toy bear a nice long lick.

3. Always be the one mean-mugging it up with your tongue out when it comes time for the posse picture.

4. Thanks to Obama’s Internet reforms the modern office is a full-on, tongue-out environment. Equality!

5. Sometimes you have to be bold and lead with your tongue, even if your accomplice seems quite frankly petrified.

6. When used together, hand gestures and tongues can make for a powerful political statement. Don’t waste your opportunity to get your message across!

7. Classic Miley: Head cocked, tongue out, and a sly wink to ramp up the sassy factor. It’s a look cats have been mining for years.

8. Opposites attract! Lure ’em in with the tongue.

9. The original toad-styled version of the MTV VMA Moonman award never quite took off, although cats are still partial to licking it.

10. When in a crowd you always want to be remembered as the classy one.

Photos via Miley’s Instagram and Facebook