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10 Cats Doing Their Best to Make Us Jealous. (It’s Working!)

It might seem petty to envy a cat, but look at the cats in these photos! Of course I'm jealous!

Liz Acosta  |  May 20th 2013

You know that thing where you do your laundry (goodness gracious, that pile had become almost sentient, and you were wearing a bikini bottom to work instead of underpants!) and it’s this whole ordeal and then you get it out of the dryer and tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll fold it and put it away later,” but then a cat jumps in the basket, shedding fur all over it, and you’re kinda upset but mostly you’re like, “Awww, that’s so cute?”

Secretly aren’t you just a touch envious?

Do you think the cat knows you’re kind of jealous of the way she can curl up in a cozy basket of warm, lemon-scented linens? Yeah, of course she knows. That’s why she does it.

Here are some photos of other things she does just to watch you turn green:

1. Self indulgent acrobatics

Show off.

2. Make sleep not only a priority, but her job

If the cat were awake right now, I’d be confused and a little frightened. If I manage to sneak four hours of rest in tonight, I’ll be ecstatic (part of this is because I have too much to do and part of this is because I’m a mild insomniac).

3. Laser eyes

There’s a reason people don’t mess with cats.

4. Sleep on expensive electronic equipment

When someone hands me a laptop, they expect me to get to work. For a cat, sleeping is a job and a laptop is just a really solid electric blanket.

5. Be adorable — no matter what

My cuteness is conditional, and those conditions are not often met. When I’ve had a full night of darting in out of bedroom doors, I look like hell the next day. When a cat does it, she still wakes up looking squee-worthy.

6. Be famous on the Internet for doing nothing

Paris Hilton is (was?) also famous for doing nothing. But then I’d have to be Paris Hilton.

7. Sit in a cardboard box

When I sit in a cardboard box, my parents wonder what they did wrong.

8. Almost always land on her feet

I’m lucky if I land on my feet. I usually land on my face.

9. Jumping in general

Because how cool is that?

10. Look effortlessly cool

How do your cats make you jealous? Come on, you can admit it!

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