Sure, all cats are cool. But some kitties just have that little something extra, a hardcore edge or a fabulous style or just a superstar meowing voice. Whatever it is, these rock star cats have it — you can see it in these photos. And we’re officially groupies!

RubiiO contemplates his next guitar riff. Photo by @Felidue.

Guapo (in his pinstripe suit) tinkers with the strings. Photo by Mikey G Ottawa.

Our future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades! Photo by girlpirate.

Ooooh. What you guys need to go with that guitar music is some drums! Photo by dcJohn.

Bob testing out the soundstage. Purrhaps we should adjust the lighting a little? Photo by Maggie Osterberg.

“I dunno, Bob,” Leroy says. “I think the spotlights are just perfect!” Photo by turnmybassup.

Ollie practices his moves and choreography. (Yes, all that chest hair is real.) Photo by 62Lofu.

Mohawks are cool and image is very important when it comes to being a rock star. Photo by switzella.

Hey guys! How about this belt? It’s pretty punk, and we need to be punk to be rock stars, right? Photo by thopex.

Whew! All this rockin’ out is hard work. Who’s up for a catnap? Photo by Ty Barbary.