You remember Denis the cat burglar, right? He’s the cute cat in England who has a penchant for pilfering articles of interest from the neighboring houses, dutifully bringing them home to his human friend, who has amassed a collection of shoes, sponges, trousers, socks, and a couple unmentionables. The theory is Denis is trying to satisfy some misdirected hunting instinct — but really, that’s just his alibi. “I plead insanity!” cried Denis on the stand.

But if you ask your cat about it, the cat will say, “I am not stealing. I am a cat. I own everything. I am just letting you borrow that glass of water, but it’s actually mine, and I can take it back at any time with or without warning.”

Here are 10 cats taking back what’s “rightfully” theirs. Who’s going to object?

1. You’ve had your cootie shots, right?

2. That’s enough coffee for you, now get back to work paying attention to me

3. This is my candy now

4. This is also my candy now

5. Speaking of food, this is my pizza crust

6. Thanks for keeping this seat warm for me — your big human butt is perfect for that

7. I will not be outdone by your man-cub. I, too, can dribble food down my chin.

8. This is my vacation — thanks for packing my bags for me. I sure hate packing.

9. This is my fish — thanks for catching it for me. Yes, I’m making sushi.

10. Whatever you have, I want it. Preemptively.

What kind of items do your cats “steal”? Tell us in the comments!

Photo: Cat quietly went to the table, hoping to steal a sausage dish by Shutterstock