Zappa the Cat Loves Bowie, “Bowling,” and Skateboards


When it comes to cats who have cultivated a strong social media following, the Netherlands-based Zappa is top notch. It’s hard not to become immediately enchanted by this beautiful all-white female once you stumble across her Instagram account, especially as it brims with pictures of her smooshing into glass bowls for naps, indulging in fancy cocktails, and dressing up to homage David Bowie.

Here’s everything you need to know to start following Zappa.

Where did her name originate?

Zappa’s first day in her forever home.

First up, let’s deal with Zappa’s very distinctive moniker. According to her human, Lana, many people mistakenly think it’s a reference to the eclectic oddball musician Frank Zappa.

Well, it turns out that’s wrong.

“Although she is a bit crazy, this isn’t the reason we named her Zappa,” explains Lana. “Actually there isn’t a real meaning behind her name — we were doubting between Zippy or Zappa and when we saw her in real life we both agreed Zappa suited her best.”

Case closed.

She’s naturally social

Image via Instagram

Beyond her striking name, Zappa is said to be a super social kitty.

“When we come home after a long day, she is so happy to see you that she chats with you while purring very loudly,” says Lana. “She is also super curious and is on top of everything we do at home — no dishes get done without Zappa keeping an eye on us.”

Clean kitchenware also comes in very handy for Zappa’s favorite tipple…

Ten tunatinis please!

Image via Instagram

Like many cats on the Instagram circuit, Zappa loves to relax with that classiest of feline-friendly drinks, the tunatini. Her special recipe breaks down like this:

Lots of tuna

A drop of martini

Yep, that’s it.

“It should be shaken, not stirred,” explains Lana, before adding the responsible disclaimer: “Zappa doesn’t know we always leave out the martini — she’s not 21 yet.”

She likes “bowling”

Zappa’s first bowl experience. Image via Instagram

Keeping with the benefits of a clean kitchen, you’ll notice that Zappa has an endearing habit of lounging around inside glass bowls.

“We don’t know why, but it was love at first sight,” says Lana of Zappa’s bowl sitting debut. “One day we were making a salad and took the bowl out of the cabinet. After cutting some veggies we looked up and saw that Zappa was taking a nap in the bowl.

“Since that day she gets in bowls whenever she can.”

Cats, let’s dance

Zappa Bowie
Image via Instagram

Zappa might not have been named after a musician, but she was quick off the mark to pay tribute to David Bowie when the iconic rock star passed away back in March. After donning some appropriate electric bolt Aladdin Sane face paint, it seems she took part in a little Bowie-themed dance party.

“She’s a big fan of his most recent album but also loves his classics,” reveals Lana. “It’s never a bad moment to meow ‘Let’s dance!’”

Kick, push

Zappa Skateboard
Image via Instagram

When she’s not searching out empty glass bowls or strutting her stuff to Bowie’s Let’s Dance album, you might catch Zappa checking out one of the cat-themed skateboards that are peppered around her house.

“When there is a skateboard in the house she always loves to investigate every inch of it,” says Lana of this burgeoning skate kitty. “We did catch her doing some tail and nose grabs recently so maybe there is a real skateboarder in her…”

Zip over to Zappa’s Instagram page to keep up with her escapades.

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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