The 10 Best Cat Commercials of 2012


Advertisers are smart. Once again, they’ve shown that cat-themed ads work by producing some cute and clever cat commercials in 2012. Some ads are for cat-related products, but most have absolutely nothing to do with them, proving once again that cats really are the boss of everybody, including the residents of Consumerville.

Here are some of our favorites from the past year.

1. “Boots” by Temptations

Some people have a cat named Boots and some people wear cat boots. Temptations tempted us with this silly commercial that was a shoo-in for the list of top cat commercials of 2012.

2. “Laser Cats” by GoPro

GoPro Cameras knows we love to take videos of our cats, so why not show us how cool our cats-chasing-lasers video will look with its brand of camera? Well played, GoPro.

3. “We are Cat People” by Purina Cat Chow

I’m not ashamed to say this Cat Chow video, which celebrates the diversity of cat people, brought a tear to my eye. Purina was right on target with this feel-good ad. Go ahead — watch and smile. You can even shed a single tear and I promise not to tell.

4. “Norman: Eco-Warrior” by WWF

In this humorous and thoughtful World Wildlife Foundation commercial promoting sustainable seafood, Norman the cat shows us even cats can (sort-of) help save the planet.

5. “I Haz Catnip in Mah Head” by Litter Genie

Ever seen a trippy commercial about cat poo disposal? Enjoy this mind-bending voyage into the psychedelic world of Litter Genie. Dude … is that an in-bread cat?

6. “Cat Video” by Toyota RAV4

Cats drive sales. And cars, apparently. Toyota is right on track with incorporating a cute orange tabby into its RAV4 commercial this year. Move over, Toonces!

7. “Catnapped: Cats With Thumbs, Part 2” by Cravendale

In this follow-up to last year’s wildly popular “Cats With Thumbs” commercial from the U.K.’s Cravendale Milk, the polydactyl posse continue to thumb their noses at humans, this time going straight for the milkman.

8. “Great Moments in Trying Stuff: Angry Cat” by Columbia

Fact No. 1: Most cats don’t like to be wet. Fact No. 2: Cats look adorable in little raincoats. Columbia faces Angry Cat in this “Great Moments in Trying Stuff” ad series.

9. “Sushi Train” by Fancy Feast

In this Australian ad, cats line up and take their seats at a sushi-type bar where plates of various Fancy Feast flavors glide before them on a conveyer belt. These cats show some pretty impressive restraint — my cats would have been face-first into every passing plate.

10. “Softer Than a Kitten” by Hanes ComfortBlend

Hanes claims its ComfortBlend T-shirts are softer than a kitten, but this guy isn’t taking any chances and debates the point with his bros, including Michael Jordan. The kitten shirt is digitally enhanced, but sure does look cozy. Plus, with a shirt like this, you’d never care about stray cat fur, would you?

Let’s hear from you. Which of the above do you adore most? Or did your favorite commercial starring cats not make my list? Please share links to the ones you love in the comments below, and feel free to sound off about the ones you hate!

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