World’s Oldest Cat Title up for Grabs


The oldest cat ever documented by the Guinness Book of World Records is Creme Puff, of Austin, Texas, who lived from August 3, 1967 until August 6, 2005 – three days after her 38th birthday. The title is now open after the feline previously thought to be the world’s current longest surviving cat could not be verified by Guinness.

A newspaper in the UK thinks it’s found some contenders, but although one is likely to win the crown as the Oldest Living Cat in Norwich, I don’t think they’ll be setting any world records.

One of these fabulous geezer cats is a Calico named Tigey, who is believed to have turned 25 in January. She lives with owners Barbara and Trafford Scott in Great Walsingham. Mrs Scott took her in when she was just less than a year old.

Tigey had been thrown out by her previous owners, who were neighbors of Mrs Scott’s. At the time, Tigey was pregnant with her second litter.

Mrs Scott, who had known Tigey since she was a kitten, founds homes for the litter but kept Tigey, who’s now queen of a roost that includes five other cats and two dogs. Aside from deafness and some leg weakness, Tigey is spritely and in good health.

I think if a pet is well loved and they know they are, they do last longer,” said Mrs Scott.

She is the matriarch, she keeps the others in order but she is also very spritely and can jump on the sofa and her appetite is very good. She is as deaf as a post but a lovely old girl.

Fiona Laufs said her cat Penny could be verified by her vet as turning 24 this Fall.

She adopted Penny from the Cats Protection League when she was two in 1987 and agreed that love was the key to a feline’s long life.

Penny is also slightly deaf but very feisty said Mrs Laufs, adding that she loves a good game of “fetch.”

I don’t think she realizes she’s a cat, she thinks she is a dog. She has no fear and is so confident. We have a ginger tom who is twice her size but she will whack him on the nose if he comes too near. She can still jump a little and doesn’t look her age either.

A spokesman from the Guinness Book of World Records urged the two cat owners to come forward.

He said the most recent contender for oldest living cat in the world was Mischief who, according to the owners from Cornwall, is 27. But they could not provide the documentary evidence to substantiate Mischief’s age, so the title is still open. If you can document your geezer cat’s age, you should get in touch with Guinness.

According to experts, the first two years of a cat’s life are roughly equal to the first 25 of ours – and each additional year equals around four for us.


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