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Witness Ziggy and Lambchop’s Farcical “Battles for Dominance”

Mellow Ziggy rules the cat tree; hyper Lambchop meows for treats and topples the trash can.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Jan 3rd 2017

Ziggy and Lambchop are a couple of New York City kitties who have earned a reputation for lighting up the social media scene with their most excellent antics. These tabbies can often be found putting on sassy faces for the camera, battling for cat-tree bragging rights, and plotting to chow down on kitty-shaped pizzas.

Here’s Ziggy and Lambchop‘s human, Catie, giving up their secrets.

Enter Ziggy

Back in 2011, Catie was ready for a pet. At the time, she was a confirmed dog person but decided that “the logistics of owning a dog in New York City are very difficult.” Handily, one of Catie’s friends had a cat who found herself pregnant.

You know where this is heading: Yep, Catie met the kitten who was to become Ziggy and became smitten.

“It was pretty much love at first sight,” she recalls. “I went from a dog person to a crazy cat lady very quickly.”

And here’s Lambchop

Catie’s second cat, Lambchop, entered the scene three years later when Catie’s brother sent her a listing about a six-month-old kitten who was found walking around suburban New Jersey with a collar on. After no one claimed the kitty, she was put up for adoption by a rescue group based in Catie’s hometown.

“I called the shelter first thing in the morning to inquire and was able to pick her up at Christmas when I was home visiting family,” says Catie. “To my surprise and relief, Ziggy and Lambchop bonded almost immediately.

“I am so glad to have both of them in my life.”

From laid back to hyper

Summing up each cat’s personality, Catie says that Ziggy is “pretty laid back and likes to do his own thing.” When it comes to snuggling sessions, they take place strictly on Ziggy’s terms “and usually only happen first thing in the morning, on the toilet.”

By comparison, Lambchop is the hyper kitty of the duo.

“She’s always zooming around the apartment making crazy noises,” says Catie. “At meal times, she creeps around trying to paw some food off my plate for herself.

“She is also obsessed with knocking over the garbage can — even if it’s completely empty — and always does it when I’m in bed about to go to sleep. Oh, and at 6 a.m. she will lay on the pillow above my head and groom my hair until I get up and give her some treats.”

Ziggy vs. Lambchop

Talking about the dynamic between the two cats, Catie says that they often engage in “battles for dominance.” Casting Ziggy as the alpha kitty, she says, “The hierarchy is most evident when they are in their Kitty Mansions cat tree: Ziggy always has to be in the higher spot and Lambchop knows this. When he gets in the tree, Lambchop will move to let him have his spot.

“I think she looks up to him as a cool older bro.”

Introducing cat pizza!

If you skip through Ziggy and Lambchop’s Instagram account, you’ll notice that their human has a sideline in making feline-shaped pizzas. The origin of the pies happened when Catie’s boyfriend was working as the general manager of a local pizza spot.

“I kept sending him pictures of various cat shaped pizzas that I found online,” she recalls. “One day he surprised me with one — buffalo chicken, my favorite — and it was pretty much the best thing ever.”

If you were wondering, Ziggy’s ultimate pizza toppings would be chicken and catnip — “he’s a simple dude who knows what he likes” — while Lambchop would plump for the eclectic lineup of anchovies, chicken, pepperoni and extra cheese.

“She will pretty much eat anything and everything,” says her human pizza chef.

Check out more of Ziggy and Lambchop’s adventures at their Instagram account.