Will Catster Guido the Italian Kitty Win $1 Million???


Let’s All Show Catster Support For Guido The Italian Kitty Who Will Be Appearing On Meow Mix’s Think Like A Cat Show, Airing At 9:30pm EST.

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. I am SO EXCITED abowt the upcoming weekend that I’m afrade I mite wet my pants. My best frend Guido the Italian Kitty will be appeering on TV tomorrow on Meow Mix’s Think Like a Cat show, airing on the Game Show Network at 9:30pm EST (chek yer local listings for the time near yoo). Guido mite win a million dollars! And I’ve bin invited to attend the preemeer at Guido’s house! If yer not lucky enuf to be a member of Guido’s inner circle, yoo can meet him on Saturday afternoon at Sak’s Fifth Avenue in San Fransisco. He’ll be in the cozmetiks department frum 11am – 1 pm, ware a portion of all cozmetiks sales that day will be donated to Pets Unlimited. Guido took a few minits frum his pawty preparations to talk to me abowt the upcoming festivities.

Skeezix: Are you excited about Saturday’s premeer, or is it just another day at the office for you?

Guido: Excited? Catzowey Im ecstaticat! My meowster self rarely has a normal day but this Hollywood extravocatoganza experience is truly the cats meow! Not sure if my smitten kitten self will ever get back to normal life in my 9 lives.

Skeezix: How hard has it been to keep seekrit who won Meow Mix’s Think Like a Cat Contest?
Guido: The sponsor has me and my paws under contract so no way I can let the cat out of the bag, and sure it’s been challenging cuz furiends and fans have tried to bribe the Italian kitty whatsa they thinka that Guido isa with a da meowster mafia anda needsa gooda bribe? One lady offered me a lifetime supply of imported vintage catnip if Id just tell her if I won the catzillion dollars.

Skeezix: What was it like on the set with the other contestants? Was it dog-eat-dog backstage, or did you become frends?
Guido: We Catestants are planning a reunion next year in the Catskills to kick back and CATch up. Some catestants had never been out of their home or in front of big cameras you know all things Im naturacatically accustomed to. I bonded the best with the LA meowster Mr Guffington and we chalked it up to our being cool California Catsters and the only state with 2 Catestants. Basta pasta! There were some increducatulous hiss fits and flying fur when filming overtime and missing our catnaps. Were creatures of habit and didnt get much lounge time in our purrivate dressing rooms but ya know, that $1 million grand purrize doesnt come easy. I had a hiss fit of my own when my pesto procciuto pizza was late cuz room service guy got cornered in the hotel hallway by an Italian greyhound wanting the pizza! (Hotel Palomar is pet friendly)

Skeezix: I know you’ve been bizzy preparing fur your premeer pawty, and I’m honored to have been invited. Is it going to be a lavish Hollywood-style affare or Italian famly-style fun?

Guido: The Hollywood purrmier is Wednesday in La La Land and Saturday is my purrivate party so Im jetting around. I didnt want to shop till I drop, so went directicatically to the Giorgio Armanicat shop for a new tie and have my Salvatore Ferralcatgamo star studded Italian shades. Definicatically speaking, its family style Italian fun with food food and more food. Mommas prepurring my favorite pastas and catnollis for the molto amici I think were catting around with 50 that night, all purrsons who make me purr. People from The ARC where I do my animal assisted therapy, folks from Pets Unlimited, Catsters and friends and you Skeezix hey are you wearing a tux?

Skeezix: I haven’t deesided yet. But sinse I’ll be werking — the Cat’s Meow will be blogging live frum the event — I mite ware my Catster werk uniform. Anyway, rumor has it, Guido, that yoo’ll be meeting and greeting the public at Sak’s Fifth Avenue in San Fransisco on Saturday. Tell me a little about that.

Guido: Can you imagine me in the Cosmewtics Dept? Yep Im going to be meeting and greeting the public while PURRmoting the TV show at Saks on Union Square. Just look for me and my paws in the Cosmetics department and bring along your MasterCat Card cuz anything you purchase will help the animals at Pets Unlimited cuz Saks is donating a portion of the sales that day to this great animal org who is my Meow Mix Think Like A Cat partner. Remember if I win the $1 million they get $100,000 and that is a lot of happy felines and pupsters.

Skeezix: If you do happen to be the millyun dollar winner in the Think Like a Cat Contest, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do with the munney?

Guido: Call my architect and give him the Guido 4 Paws go ahead to design me a customized Ferrari 2-seater litter box in Italian red.

Skeezix: Any plans to CATapult from your Think Like a Cat appeerance to major movie roles?

Guido: You mean like Guido Bond or Johnny Cat Depp stuff? Nope, my green eyes are set on seeing Guido The Italian Kitty as a childrens Saturday morning TV cartoon. I still have my day job in Animal Assisted Therapy at The ARC even when I win an Acatamy Award, Ill still be going to work at The ARC.

  • Guido’s Purrsunnul Apeerance at Saks Fifth Ave (384 Post St, San Francisco) 11/15, 11am – 1pm
  • Meow Mix’s Think Like a Cat Show: 9:30pm 11/15 on the Game Show Network

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