Why are People so Passionate About Dog Food?


Over my years of blogging I have noticed an incontrovertible fact. Posts about pet food get people fired up. I know this fact is true. However, I am not terribly clear on the why of the matter. Why does the topic of pet food ignite the passions of so many people?

Some people are vehemently opposed to some brands of foods. I can understand this in certain cases; if a pet dies after eating tainted food (which happened many times during the massive melamine-related pet food recall several years ago) the owner is entitled to a grudge.

What I have a harder time understanding is the profound and vocal attachment certain people have to their chosen dog food (some raw feeders have a reputation for this). This attachment can resemble a religious fervor. People proselytize about their preferred food. If their food is criticized they react with the fury of a person whose god or prophet has been blasphemed.

But we aren’t talking about a god or a prophet. When someone says something bad about your dog food he isn’t insulting your religion, nation or home town. He isn’t taking a swipe at your high school or your favorite sports team. He is not insulting your parents, your spouse, or your children. He is talking about dog food.

Please, help me understand: why is dog food so controversial? Why does anyone care what type of dog food anyone else chooses?

I reiterate: it’s dog food. What’s the big deal?

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