What Treatments are Available for Feline Allergies?



I have a 13 yr. old cat who scratches all the time. Mainly, her ears & chin area. No, she doesn’t have fleas, she’s totally an indoor cat & I apply Frontline Plus on her monthly. I have taken her to the Vet several times regarding this problem & no she doesn’t have ear mites either. The Vet says she has allergies & there is nothing I can do about it. Help, my poor baby is miserable!

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Beavercreek, OH

I agree that your cat probably has allergies. However, I disagree that there is nothing you can do about it.

There are three common causes of allergic reactions in cats. Fleas are number one by a mile. Any cat with itching or skin problems should receive a high quality flea preventative each month. You already are doing this, and you should keep doing it.

Another common cause of allergies is food. Your cat may be allergic to one or more of the proteins she’s being fed. Consider switching your cat to a hypoallergenic diet with novel proteins.

Environmental allergens–pollen, mold spores, detergents, danders, and so forth–are the third class of feline allergy causers. Some basic changes may impact your cat’s condition. For instance, many cats react adversely to plastic food or water bowls. A switch to glass or stainless steel may reduce facial itching. A switch to a hypoallergenic laundry soap might make a difference as well.

If these rudimentary tactics don’t work, you still have options. A veterinary dermatologist may be able to determine the cause of your cat’s allergic reaction; with this information you might be able to eliminate the allergen. Even if this isn’t possible, many medications–ranging from antihistamines to cortisone analogues–are available to treat cats with allergies.

In short, I believe it is way too early to give up on this problem. You and your cat have many options left to explore.

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