What Causes Vomiting and Diarrhea in Young Cats?


My five-month-old cat has been throwing up and having
diarrhea for the last four days. It is not all of the time, but it is 85% of the time. He plays normally, eats normally and acts the same. If you have any ideas what could be wrong with him please let me know. Thank you!

Kinderhook, Il.

Many things can cause otherwise healthy young cats to vomit or produce diarrhea. Intestinal parasites are high on the list.

Young animals are especially prone to infestation with intestinal worms and microscopic parasites called coccidia. These parasites are common causes of diarrhea in kittens and puppies. Severe infestations may cause vomiting as well. Some intestinal worms are potentially contagious to humans.

Adverse reactions to rapid diet changes also may cause the sort of gastrointestinal upset that you describe. Foreign objects lodged in the intestines, infection with a number of viruses or bacteria, and inflammatory disorders of the intestines are on the list of causes but are less common.

Your cat needs to see a vet. Be sure to take a stool sample so that he or she can test for parasites. After evaluating your pet and looking at his deworming and vaccination history, the veterinarian will be able to offer an educated assessment of the situation.

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