Washington State Residents, Please Help Pass Spay/Neuter Bill


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PLEASE if you are an animal lover, or just have a sense of moral obligation, please let other like-minded Washington state residents know about this bill and ask them to help.

There is currently a Draft Spay/Neuter Bill scheduled for 2009 in Washington State: H-0075.2/09. For more information, go to www.savewashingtonpets.org

The purpose of the bill is to provide funding to assist low-income owners of cats and dogs to obtain affordable spay/neuter surgeries, and to provide for spay/neuter surgeries on feral and free-roaming cats. The bill does not make spay/neuter surgery mandatory.

Click here for more information. Below is a draft letter that you can personalize and send it to your local legislator:

Dear (Senator or Representative) _________,

I am asking for your support of spay/neuter legislation for Washington State. As my district legislator, I urge you to support or cosponsor bill (H-0075.2/09) that has been drafted for this purpose.

Animal homelessness is a serious problem in this state that has not been adequately addressed. Tens of thousands of adoptable animals are killed in Washington State’s shelters each year simply because there are not homes for them. This is occurring despite the best efforts of our animal welfare community.

We think that the solution is to create an aggressive program to make spay/neuter surgery for cats and dogs affordable and convenient throughout our state to low-income pet owners. These are difficult economic times and we know how challenging it will be to enact legislation to fund such a program. Nevertheless, the problem is not going away, and spay/neuter surgery for dogs and cat is not getting more affordable for those who are low income.

This situation is nothing short of an emergency that needs attention now. Several other states have adopted similar legislation to address this problem. The bill that has been drafted takes the best elements of other states’ programs and will work in Washington State.

For reference, the draft bill and much more information are provided on the website www.savewashingtonpets.org. There you’ll see that the benefits I’m talking about are not just humanitarian. There are potential cost savings to shelters and animal control agencies, and we expect the program will reduce injuries, costs, and liability arising from dog bites if more animals are altered (most dogs that cause serious bite injuries are not surgically sterilized). As you know, it is not unusual to read in our local papers about incidents involving aggressive dogs that seriously injure people and kill or maul other pets.

Please let me know that you will support this bill. I would appreciate a meeting with you to explain why this is needed and how important it is for our legislative district. If you have questions, feel free to contact me or the bill’s coordinators, Rick Hall and Andrea Logan. Rick and Andrea may be reached at contact@savewashingtonpets.org.


Your Name
Telephone Number

cc: Rick Hall and Andrea Logan
Save Washington Pets
PO Box 176
North Bend, WA 98045-0176

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