Vox Felina Explores TNR Issues


If you’re a regular reader of ModernCat (who isn’t?), you know that this week the blog took a detour around feline furnishings and devoted the week’s posts to a discussion of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) issues.

TNR is a hot topic, pitting cat lovers against environmentalists, bird lovers, and misinformed bureaucrats. The irony of course, is that most all cat lovers and feral advocates are also environmentalists and the goal of each faction is the same: reduce feral cat populations. TNR advocates seeks to reduce populations through TNR management, while TNR detractors seek to reduce feral cat populations by killing the cats.

Moderncat’s guest blogger this week is TNR advocate Peter J Wolf, whose “Vox Felina” blog was established to discuss TNR issues. Peter explains the genesis of Vox Felina:

The impetus for Vox Felina was a series of events (the details of which will be the subject of numerous posts) that revealed (1) the lack of rigorous research related to the efficacy and impact of TNR, (2) the flawed science promoted by many TNR opponents, (3) the unbalancedoften dishonestnature of the feral cat/TNR debate, and (4) the disastrous consequences of these circumstances.

There are legitimate issues to be debated regarding the efficacy, environmental impact, and morality of TNR. But attempts at an honest, productive debate are hamperedif not derailed entirelyby the dubious claims so often put forward by TNR opponents. I dont claim to have all the answers, but Im very interested in asking better questionsthe sort of questions that might stimulate a more conscientious debate of this important issue. And in any event, I feel compelled to speak out on behalf of the cats.

How did Peter get involved with the TNR movement? He writes, “Ive always felt a deep connection with cats, but my involvement with the Great Kitty Rescue, beginning in December of 2007, was a profound turning point. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Best Friends Animal Society and an army of volunteers from across the country, more than 700 catsmany of them sick and starvingwere rescued from what the local paper called a ‘shelter-turned-death-camp.’ That experience introduced me to the world of animal rescue, and, in turn, feral cat management and TNR.”

Vox Felina promises to be a valuable resource for those of us who are struggling to implement TNR programs in our communities.

[PHOTO: PetConnection]

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