Update: Reef the CatConLA Rescue Cat Is Recovering Fine


UPDATE: Karn Myers of FixNation says Reef is now available for adoption. Here’s a photo she sent Tuesday (Aug. 11).



Back in June, members of Catster’s CatConLA delegation joined FixNation to stage a daring rescue of a wounded cat found wandering the streets of downtown Los Angeles. The little tabby became known as Reef, named after the venue hosting the convention. You might also remember that the scamp was discovered skittering around with a horridly mangled tail. We checked in with the FixNation team, and it seems that Reef is close to overcoming his ailments and will soon be looking for his forever home.

Reef and William.

After Reef had been safely scooped up in a cat carrier, he was rushed to FixNation’s headquarters for a thorough check up. To combat dehydration, staff gave the cat fluids and held him overnight before another round of assessments. According to William Oglesby, FixNation’s practice manager, “The doctor found there was an infection going on due to Reef’s raw tail — most of his tail was missing skin — so he was put on antibiotics.”

Staff then decided that a tail amputation would be the best course of action for Reef.


Unfortunately, while the removal of all but two-inches of Reef’s tail was successful, he developed a degree of swelling during recovery.

“For a tail amputation that’s not common,” says William. “So because he was a community cat and we didn’t have a lot of knowledge about where he came from or if there was an underlying health issue, we sent him over to the Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital and it was decided that he should undergo a blood transfusion.”

Reef and Dr. Milanes.

After coming through the blood transfusion okay, Reef has been taking his time recovering at FixNation. It’s estimated that he’s two to three years old, and last week he had his e-collar removed.

“The whole time he’s been nothing but just an amazing little cat,” says William. “He loves people, and when you’re holding him he’s a happy boy. He’s also friendly with other cats and enjoys the camaraderie.”


Reef is also apparently quite the chatty cat.

As Karn Myers, the co-founder and executive director of FixNation says, “I’ve never known a cat who talks like him.”

With his cage facing a hallway, he’s given ample opportunity to chat it up with visitors to the facility.

William and Karn believe that at one point Reef lived with an owner who lavished him with care and attention. How he came to prowl the streets, though, remains a mystery — as does the origin of his tail injuries.


The next step in Reef’s journey is to secure him a forever home — although he might still have one more medical hurdle to overcome. Describing him as an active kitty who’s fond of “running around the clinic like a crazy little cat,” William says that he moves in a bunny-hopping fashion. Reef doesn’t show any pain when getting around, but an X-ray would double check that he doesn’t have a fracture (perhaps from being hit by a car, which would be consistent with his original tail injuries).

The FixNation team has become smitten with Reef, and they’ll do their best to make the next stage of his life a success.

“As much as we love him, we’d much rather see him in a home,” says William. “The quicker he gets into a forever home the better he’ll be.”

About Phillip Mlynar: The self-appointed world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats. When not penning posts on rap music, he can be found building DIY cat towers for his adopted domestic shorthair, Mimosa, and collecting Le Creuset cookware (in red). He has also invented cat sushi, but it’s not quite what you think it is.

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