Update on Sammy the Post Office Cat


More Developments in the Post Office Cat Story

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. I’m thrilled to be able to purrvide anuther update on Sammy the Post Office Cat! My best frend Calvin sent a blanket frum his mom’s ETSY store to Sammy at his vary own PO box, and yesterday he got a reply frum none other than Sammy hisself! Sammy rote, “The blanket is beautiful. I will nap on it for my next ‘spot’”. Sammy also purrvided an update on his explusion frum the Post Office:

Be assured, my mission is to have a continued presence at the Notasulga Post Office. My current station is on the sunny outside corner where we first met, weather permitting. My status for an inside, sunny, counter-top nap remains unknown. Even though I am a Post Office Box holder.

Sammy also gave an update on the anonnymuss sourpuss lady hoo got Sammy kikt owt of the Post Office:

Update: The miserable complainer has now filled a new complaint stating I am causing her allergies to flare. My caregivers have recommended an antihistamine to the complaining/ailing human.

Heer are my sugjesschuns for the miserable complaining sourpuss ladey:

  • Moove as far away from Sammy and Notasulga as yoo can. Like maybey Antartikka.
  • Ware a hazmat soot.
  • Git a life.

Maybe sum of yoo have other sugjeschuns. Yoo can leeve them in the comments sekshun. But pleeze, remember the kittens and keep it PG. Or at leest, PG13.

If yoo haven’t ritten to Sammy yet, heer’s his address:

Sammy the Cat
PO Box 173
Notasulga, AL 36866
Yoo can read the hole entire letter frum Sammy heer. Thanks, Calvin, fur purrviding these importunt updates!


[PHOTO CREDIT: Tuskegee News]

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