Tribute to Catster Superstar, Scooter


Scooter the Kitty Superstar

One of the most difficult aspects of participating in a vibrant cat community like Catster is experiencing the loss of cats you have come to love as if they were your own. The last month has been especially rough on me. A few weeks ago, one of my first online cat friends, Kalin, went the Rainbow Bridge at the age of nearly 19 after battling cancer, diabetes, and the encroachment of old age. I still can’t type Kalin’s name without tearing up. This week, another of my dearest online feline friends, Jake, was diagnosed with cancer. (He, too, went to the Bridge on Feb 5th.) I ache over living a continent away from Jake’s mom, unable to embrace her in a big warm hug.

And so I felt suckerpunched when, minutes after hearing Jake’s diagnosis, I learned that 20-year-old Scooter, Catster extraordinaire, had taken a turn for the worse. She made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge today.

If you weren’t a purrsonal friend of Scooter, you may recognize her photo from her popular entries in the World’s Coolest Cat Show, or from an interview Skeezix did with her last Fall, or perhaps you remember when she was Catster’s Cat of the Day. For a cat who napped 23-1/2 hours a day, Scooter got a lot done. She was one of the founders of the Olde Furts group on Catster, a vital group that provides support and camaraderie for cats who don’t move quite as fast as they used to. Scooter was always there with encouraging purrs and paw-holding as members grappled with age-related issues.

Or, you might know Scooter from last summer’s “Summer of Scooter” group, a self-proclaimed “Woodstock for Kitties,” a Festival of Peace, Love, Music, Catnip, Naps, Streaking and Chicken Baby Food. It just doesn’t get much better than that, although there were a whole lot more naps than streaking!

Raypod was especially close to Scooter, and his mom visited her in Albuquerque :

I tried all yesterday to write about my darling Scooter, but its hard to type when your paws are soaking wet.

Now that aint right! Because along with being sweet, sensitive, thoughtful and smart, Scooter was funny as hell! I laughed out loud every time I got one of her poop reports. They were so detailed (and frequent) that Coco’s Department of Homeland Security made her a Poop Advisory Color System chart to keep track. For a while she sent us daily Monk-e-mails that made her look like one of The Jeffersons, sound like Dame Edna, and cause my Mom to blow coffee out of her nose at work.

Scooter fell asleep at parties, but she did know how to have fun. When my brother Mouse started his gallery, Mouseworks, she created some very original earth art by digging up corn kernels in her back yard. One of Babys first friends, Scooter co- founded Olde Furts with her. But it took Scooter to transform a cranky Meezers refuge into a source of hope and help, good humor and hugs for hundreds of Catsters aging kits. Old age aint fur sissies, and Scooter was up to the task.

Sometimes I think of Scooter as Catsters Princess Di, just a bit long in the tooth. Her skill, as her profile read, was love. Nobody didnt love Scooter. And Scooter loved everyone back. Her gift, I think, was for seeingnot so much the best in everyone, although that was often the case, but rather for seeing just what made you, you. She was a great connoisseur. What else would a classy lady like Scootie be doing with a naughty boy like me? And a Democat at that?

Catster is a community built on intangibles: love, imagination, compassion and memory. So even as Scootie leaves the physical plane her spirit remains as one of the cornerstones of our community. But at this sad time we must also remember that these cats are beautiful avatars; what animates them, for all of us, what makes them what they are, is the people who love them in real time.

And for Scooters parents, life wont be the same. No snoozing Scooter in the sunny window perched on her favorite sofa, not to sleepy to tell an interloper, Hiss off. No skinny Scooter teetering gamely along as she walks the line in her backyard, looking for lizards, daring that roadrunner to make another appearance. No Scootie, so silly in her baby buggy. Or lying on their legs at night.

Scooter was my entire familys friend and my “secret fianc.” We loved her with all our hearts and will miss her every dayas will all her Catster friends. But its to Bonnie and Dean that we must send our love, our appreciation, and our most comforting purrs.


One of Scooter’s best friends, Daisy, remembers how she first met Scooter:

I met Scooter just before Valentine’s Day in 2006. I had been on Catster about 6 months and was just starting to know some cats. I don’t remember where I saw it, but Scooter posted that if you wanted a special Valentine from her to send her your address. So I did. And one of my dearest friendships here on Catster was begun. The Valentine is still on our refrigerator.

Scooter has always been so helpful to me and Mom when we try to do fancy stuff on the computer. And she was so nice and helpful to other cats. My Mom went out to Albuquerque in October and got to meet Scooter in person. She said she was sweet and beautiful, just like she is on Catster. Scooter’s Dad gave us some special pictures of her that we will always cherish.

Scoodle … we love you and your parents so much. We are so sad that you have to leave us, but we will always remember your sweet face and your cute voice. Sending you hugs and purrs as you make your way to the Bridge.


Another Catster Superstar, Calvin, shared his memories of Scooter:

Im all about my friend-girl, Scooter – Scootie Patootie.

Im all about how she was my first Pal of the Week back in November of 2006.

Im all about the way she helped me find my U friend, Ug, when I was making my alphabet of friends.

Im all about the cuddle bed her Mom made for me.

Im all about when she told me her middle name was Calvin so she could be a Calvinette in my Cool Calvin Club.

Im all about the way she took napping so seriously.

Im all about the Olde Furts group she administered.

Im all about the way she flirted with me, and told me we could date when she turned 21, and we didnt have to wait until I turned 21.

Im all about cougars.

Im all about how she was my Pal of the Week again the first week in 2009.

Im all about how she loved the orange boys.

Im all about how she sounded like a sheep when she meowed.

Im all about her smarts, her beauty, and her friendship.

Im all about knowing we will all miss her so much.

Im all about knowing she will be the Queen of the Rainbow Bridge, just like she is the Queen of Catster!

Knead On ~



Cybil and her family shared her memories of Scooter:

Our family friendship with Scooter began on June 19, 2005, Fathers Day, just 1 months after she joined Catster. Scooter was kind enough to add Moses and I to her Diary entry that day. A small gesture that went a long way towards a timeless friendship.

3 years, many laughs, tears, parties, and pmails later, we are filled with good memories of Scooter and her family. Shes been one lucky girl, relaxing outside with the Roadrunners and Plumbago, sneaking through the grass and walking the line. And that was just the outside stuff! Whether sleeping next to the computer in her heated bed, sleeping on moms legs or dads lap, she lived life in comfort. Her mom and dad have always been aware of the angel they had in Scooter. Her friends were the fortunate ones who were able to know it too.

Love you Scooter.

Cooter’s family will miss Scooter’s sisterly love:

What we can meow about dear S+Cooter is the same as many will meow: she is elegant, caring, helpful, thoughtful and adorably lovely. She is one of my precious ‘s’ girls and always will be.

My sisfur Sissy has proclaimed Scooter as her big sister for always being there for her with advice and sisterly love. The Olde Furts group brought them closer together and they spent many meowvelous moments together.

My little brother Luke was the first to ever pmail her in April of 2006. Since then he has been smitten, as many of us are… He loved her because she was fun & silly, and he admired her in every way.

S+Cooter always remembers our birthdays, she always has comforting meows and is always attentive in the Catster community. She was an angel on earth, and she will continue to be one at the bridge.

We love you!
whisker kisses, (S)Cooter


Scooter’s friend Edgar has fond memories of Scooter:

Scooter, your delicate, sooty paws walked across my heart one day and left an imprint that will stay there furrever. You have been so kind and gracious to me and my furmily. When my sisfur, Emily Felicity, embarrassed herself in Olde Furts, you reached out to her to offer your wisdom and comfort.

You have laid your lovely paw on so many cats and touched their lives and their hearts. You saw how much we loved the Olde Furts and honored us by asking us to become administrators. You enchanted us with your beautiful pictures and videos, you amused us with your diaries and messages in the group. And I can honestly say… (no offense to any other meezers out there) you are the most beautiful meezer girl effur. I, and my furmily, will always love you dear Scooter.

Edgar wrote the following poem for Scooter, and she meowed about it in her diary:

WinterNow, in the cold of Winter
We think back, with a happy sigh
To the Summer of Scooter
and long fur those days, gone byWe long fur those days in the sun,
When we celebrated Scooter, our furriend
And we all had so furry much fun
And we all wished that it neffur would end!

As we nap through the Winter, we dream
And in sleep it all becomes clear,
That the sun will on all of us beam
And our dear Scooter will always be here.

No matter the middle of Winter,
No matter the waning of light,
We forever and always have Scooter
Because in our hearts, she shines bright.

Like many Siamese, Scooter was a fighter, and we were hopeful that she’d rally from this latest setback. But it was time for her to be released from her frail body and make her way to join those we’ve loved before. We light her way to the Bridge with love, tears and happy memories, thankful to have known this very special, very generous soul.

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