Torajiro the Cat From Japan Gets Funnier in Translation


It’s been a while since we’ve entertained ourselves by spotlighting the wit and witticisms of a Japan-based feline names Sora via the wonderfully wonky powers of Google Translate.

But fear not! Today we visit Torajiro, a two-year-old Exotic Shorthair who lives in Japan and loves nothing more than to bless his Instagram followers with pertinent life advice via the captions to his photos. Here’s how Torajiro does it.

He’s a lover, not a fighter

Image via torachanthecat Instagram

How did you spend Valentine’s Day? If you’re Torajiro, you bundled yourself up in a scarf with some pompoms on it, mused on the cold February weather, and then pondered, “If I had a girlfriend I should go to give her a chocolate with such a look.”

It’s all about the smoldering eyes, clearly.

Valentine’s Part Two

Image via torachanthecat Instagram

Torajiro also apparently attempted to get into the candy market for Valentine’s Day by plastering his smoosh face on the packaging to some chocolate bars.

What motivated this move?

“Because I was too cute.”

Always bundling up

Image via torachanthecat Instagram

Despite possessing what is clearly a pretty cozy fur coat, Torajiro is not a cat who particularly enjoys the bracing climate of the winter season. To that end, he’s all about his collection of scarves — or “extended rainbow collar foot” as this one pictured above is called — which allows him to battle the elements while perched on his veranda watching the birds go by.

Classic cat

Image via torachanthecat Instagram

There’s little to report in this picture other than stating it’s Torajiro’s contribution to the classic cat-in-a-box canon.

High drama

Image via torachanthecat Instagram

How do you like to wind down at the end of a hard day spent dealing with the trials, tribulations and stresses of life? If you’re Torajiro, you enjoy your “relax time” by watching a movie while “just being fun on the chair.”

Ammonite, am I right?

Image via torachanthecat Instagram

At first, I was going to chalk up the caption to this pic of Torajiro all curled up and snoozing as another fine example of Google Translate’s quirky sense of humor. It reads, “Good night. Even when becoming an ammonite, faces are not hidden from the face.”

Then I looked up “ammonite” and realized it was the technical name for a circular fossil that’s curled up. Touché, Torajiro, touché.

Burgeoning video star

Image via torachanthecat Instagram

Finally, if you’re hankering after more of Torajiro’s antics, let the record show that he also uploads videos to YouTube when the occasion takes him.

Highlights so far involve Torajiro attempting to drink water out of the faucet (or “Cat wearing a waterfall” as it’s billed), struggling to open a box of jewelry (or “I can smile trying desperately to get a hand under the bead case,” as it’s named), and interacting with a giant can of tomatoes (or “Torajiro who wants to enter the can after all,” as you no doubt already guessed it was called).

Follow Torajiro on Instagram to enjoy more of his excellent photos.

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