A Silly (But Serious!) Look at TNR

Dorian Wagner  |  Sep 16th 2011

Here in the cat-lovers’ world, we all rally behind TNR efforts and know just how important it is and how well it can work. This video is a fun look at one woman’s adventures in TNR with two kittens in her neighborhood!

That woman happens to be one of my favorite self-proclaimed cat ladies, Sarah Donner. You might remember her from a giveaway we did a few months ago. She sings, too, and a video of her singing to a foster kitten went viral on YouTube! Cute kitten, great song — it was the perfect match!

She’s pretty silly (and the cats she’s catching seem to be pretty silly, too!) and I love how she makes TNR seem fun, but still catches all the important points and gives helpful tips. It’s a little long, but worth it!