This Was Supposed to Be a Post Where I Make Fun of My Cats


A couple hours ago, I started writing a post where I was going to discuss how annoying my cats are. In an I-love-them-so-much kind of way, of course. But basically just talk about all the things they do that makes me nuts.

But then, about a paragraph in, the vet called and I just didn’t feel like making fun of my perfect furry sons anymore.

I had taken the boys in the day before for their regular check-ups and mentioned that Pimp seemed to be losing some weight. Not a ton, and he is getting older, but that I just wanted to make sure my little bag of bones was okay and healthy. The vet said his weight was not only fine, but great, and that she wished more cats looked like him.

So I kept talking just to be sure. “He used to be really fat,” I said. Like 10 years ago, but still. He has probably lost a couple or a few pounds in the last few years. Age does that, but I wanted to be double-super-sure.

She suggested we do a thyroid test, to just be safe. It’s a good idea to test anyway, she said, especially in older cats (Pimp is 12).

Long story short: His tests came back today, and his levels are basically through the roof. The bad news: We have to fix this and get them back where they are supposed to be or it’s a risk to his life and he won’t live as long. The good news: It’s totally fixable with treatment, either diet or medication, and he should be fine as long as we keep up the treatment for life.

I’m going to talk with her more tomorrow and make a plan for him. I really like this vet — she was so nice to talk to me for 20 minutes late at night. I think we’re going to try the prescription diet route, but I want to make sure I just ask all the right questions.

Have any of you had cats with hyperthyroid issues? I’d love to hear what worked!

(And don’t worry, we’ll do the funny post tomorrow!)

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