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It’s a Shark! No, Wait — It’s Just a Cat Bed

This summer it might not be safe to go back into the living room.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 21st 2012

Do you hear that? It sounds like a cello. Is that … wait, is someone playing the theme from Jaws?

Wait, is that a … ? Can it be? OMC! Quick! Get out of the water!

Hold on. Oh. It’s just a cat bed. There is no water.

Oh yes, we see now. There’s Whiskers crawling out of the shark’s mouth — hi, Whiskers.

If you would like to give visitors a similar shock while giving your kitty an awesome place to curl up and nap, then look into the Shark Pet Bed by ThinkGeek.

The cheeky pet nest is a nice fit for cats and small dogs. Using Japanese nanotechnology, the fabric of the bed is self-cleaning and resists odor, so Kitty can find her happy place forever and ever. Your role is to unzip the shark every so often and let it sit in the sunshine for a bit to freshen it up.

As ThinkGeek points out, it’s not quite the laser-shooting shark that Dr. Evil asked for in Austin Powers, but if you put a feisty cat inside, she might just swipe a paw at people passing by. And then it’s sort of like a laser.

Via Laughing Squid