The Only Time Failure is Good – Foster Failure!


There’s a little slice of heaven about 20 minutes from where I live. A cat adoption center where the kitties roam free from cages and cat towers and scratchers line the walls as far as the eye can see.

It’s a place where I like to go to just visit with the kitties, for no other reason that to spend an hour or two and do my best to make sure I give every single one of them some pets, a hug and a bunch of love.

This place is called Cats Exclusive, and I promise you, if you spend just five minutes there you’ll find yourself in a calm, cat-like zen. It’s kitty cat bliss!

It’s there that I met an amazing cat named Knight. He’s a soft, black boy about two years old. He came to Cats Exclusive with his mother and siblings, who were rescued from a mall parking lot. All of his brothers and sisters were adopted — they were prettier, had interesting markings, longer hair — but Knight has still been waiting for his forever home all this time.

Whenever I visit, I give him extra attention. He stole my heart the first time I saw him. The eyes, I think. Or maybe the way he just crawled into my lap and turned on the purrs. I would have taken him home in a heartbeat if my condo allowed more pets than they do (I’m already one cat over the limit!).

So I just keep talking about him. Sharing him on Facebook and Twitter and my other blog, hoping that someone will fall in love with him like I did. And this week I got some good news.

No, Knight isn’t officially being adopted, but he is going to a foster home this weekend. This is so great because he has special needs, so he spends his nights in a solitary cage at Cats Exclusive. It’s the only way to be sure he eats his special food so he doesn’t get urine crystals. Now he can be free all the time… and in a loving home!

So here’s the part where I’m rooting for someone to fail for the first time in my life. I’m hoping that his foster family decides that they couldn’t possibly live without him and lets him stay forever. I’m hoping that Knight will wow them like he did me (he must have already really turned up the charm for them to specifically offer to foster him!) and that they make him theirs officially.

Foster failure. It’s the best way to fail.

So let’s all keep our paws crossed for Knight! And even if they don’t officially adopt him, I’m super happy that he is going to go live in a house and live the good life. Yay Knight!

Are any of your kitties foster failures? Do share!

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