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Recently, PC World showcased some of the newest high-tech pet products. Here are the ones I covet:

Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera
Uncle Milton’s Pet’s Eye View digital camera won’t break the bank. For just $40, you can see the world from Fluffy’s POV. This ultracompact and water-resistant digicam attaches to your cat’s collar like an ID tag. The internal memory stores up to 40 shots, and you can set the timer to take a picture automatically at preset intervals. If you’re wondering what the attraction is, take a look at the adventures of Mr Lee! (BTW, Mr Lee’s dad is working on a live cat cam… stay tuned!)

iSeePet360 Food Dispenser With Webcam
Want to check up on Fluffy during the day when you’re at work? The iSeePet360 food dispenser will not only drop kibble into the bowl at your remote command, it also has a built-in webcam, AND a voice recorder so you can call your cats to lunch. How cool is that? It’s pricey fun, though: only available in Japan, it currently retails for around $440.

Litter Robot
If the Jetsons had a cat, they would have a Litter Robot. It’s an self-cleaning litterbox in a space-age package. All the electrical stuff is neatly tucked away in its own compartment so it’s completely safe for Fluffy. The Catsters I know who have them swear by them, but they’ll set you back about $330.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain
Drinkwell Pet Fountains have been around forever; I bought my first one in 1996. Although the Drinkwell is not news, it’s such a great product that I think it’s worth bringing to your attention.

As most of you know, cats prefer drinking running water to still water, and keeping your cat hydrated is an important element in your cat’s wellness program. The Drinkwell provides 24/7 filtered running water — so your cat will always have fresh water available in a fountain format. No more jumping up on the sink to lick from the faucet. (OK, I can’t guarantee they’ll stop jumping up on the sink, but they’ll no longer have a reason to cop a drink from the faucet.) The Drinkwell is available in four models–Original ($50), Platinum ($70), Big-Dog ($75), and 360 ($65), and you can get models with a 50- or 70-oz. reservoirs that ensure the well won’t run dry.

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