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Texts from Mittens: The Whisker Edition

Mittens' whiskers are changing color, his girlfriend humiliates him, and Mom won't get him personalized stationery. He texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Nov 18th 2015

Recently, Mittens has experienced troubling times, mostly concerning his whiskers, namely one whisker. You see, he happened to notice one of his snowy white whiskers had suddenly gotten darker. What could be happening? Are all his whiskers changing colors? Is Mittens a shapeshifter? He has no idea but is obsessed and increasingly anxious over the whole business. Who wouldn’t be?

Oh, and Mom took an embarrassing photo of him while he was sleeping, and she claimed he looked “sloppy.” As if! In fact, he’s so fancy, he needs his own personalized stationery.

And could things get worse? Yes, yes they could. His girlfriend, Fiona, is a champion jumper, and Mittens is left in the dust. Oh, the humiliation.

If you can bear any more woes from poor Mitty’s world, read on.





“Want to see me jump again?”




On whisker patrol.





“I definitely need stationary.”



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