Texts From Mittens
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Texts from Mittens: The Mystery Texts Edition

Mittens gets strange invitations, Stumpy has lady troubles, and Mom needs eye bleach. He texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Aug 17th 2016

Here we are again, ready to see what’s happening in Mittens’ world. Lucky us, there’s never a shortage of drama. This time around, Mittens reacts to a series of mystery texts. Mom swears they’re meant for someone else, but Mitty’s not so sure. Why wouldn’t he be invited to a meeting and asked to bring the “good stuff?” As usual, Mom has no idea what she’s talking about … or does she?

In other news, Stumpy has a new girlfriend, and she’s not at all happy with his busy work schedule. Apparently the catnip-running gig is a time-consuming business. Meanwhile, Earl can’t keep his nose out of Mittens’ bottom. What’s up with dogs? And we won’t even get into Drunk Patty’s dealio.

Read on for more Mittens!



We know where that nose has been.

We know where that nose has been.



Stumpy's in the dog house.

Stumpy’s in the dog house.



Waiting for the meeting to begin.

Waiting for the meeting to begin.