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Texts from Mittens: The Christmas Tree Ornaments Edition

False accusation fly, Boxing Day is ruined, and Mittens wants to be Jewish. He texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Dec 21st 2016

Christmas is coming and, despite the whole “holiday cheer” thing, Mittens finds himself falsely accused … again. There’s some issue with Christmas tree ornaments getting batted underneath the sofa. Mitten tries to convince Mom that Grandma or Earl are the guilty parties, but she’s not so sure. Mittens is a cat of integrity! Why should he be questioned?

Speaking of Mom annoyances, she simply won’t stop touching The Mittens while he’s sleeping, and then she makes up all kinds of untruths about noises he makes. The gall!

And by the way, Mittens wants to be Jewish.

Here’s a collection of holiday atrocities, brought to you by our favorite texting cat.







This guy gets to play with a dreidel. Jealousy!

This guy gets to play with a dreidel. Jealousy!



Ready for Boxing Day

Ready for Boxing Day