Texts From Mittens
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Texts from Mittens: The Astrology Edition

Mittens is jealous of Stumpy's zodiac sign, Mom is hooked on 'nip, and Drunk Patty predicts surprises for Mitty. He texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Aug 3rd 2016

As usual, there’s been no shortage of happenings in Mittens’ corner of the litter box. First of all, he absolutely cannot believe Stumpy gets to have a Leo zodiac sign while he has to swim with the fishes. If anyone should get a tough sign, it should be him. And all Mom wants to do is make jokes. The stars simply don’t seem to be aligned in Mitty’s favor. But are they ever?

And guess what? Mom has a catnip addiction. Really! Mittens is pretty sure he’s picking up on some clear signs. She’ll never admit it, though. What she will admit to is leaving work early, but not to come home and give our favorite texting cat an early dinner. No way. She’s way too selfish! Mitten is appalled … as usual.

Read on for more details in the struggles of poor, poor Mittens.



"Fishes. Whatever."

“Fishes. Whatever.”



Stumpy, the mighty Leo.

Stumpy, the mighty Leo.



Drunk Patty gets hands-on while reading horoscopes.

Drunk Patty gets hands-on while reading horoscopes.