Squeaky the Crime-Fighting Cat Presumed Dead


Squeaky, a missing crime-fighting cat who helped put a burglar behind bars is thought to have been hit and killed the day he disappeared from his home in Wellington, NZ.

Detective Squeaky had not been seen in a month.

His owners, Richard and Serra Clark, were desperate to find Squeaky, who was all the more special to them after he led them and police to the burglar who raided their home a few months ago.

After Squeaky’s story hit the news, the couple were inundated with tips, with one leading them to Massey University.

A gardener at the University’s Mt Cook campus said the cat was hit and killed by a car on the night of November 17. The gardener positively ID-ed the victim as Squeaky when shown a photo of the furry feline.

How Squeaky Saved the Day

Richard Clark returned home a few months ago to discover that someone had broken in and burgled the place.

The usual electronics and computer equipment were stolen, but the thief also nabbed the last bottle of V from the Clark’s refrigerator.

“This was the last straw. It’s one thing to steal a whole bunch of well-used [and well-loved] gear; it’s quite another to run off with the last bottle of my favorite sugary beverage as well,” said Richard.

When police arrived they were unable to find any fingerprints. Lacking evidence and clues, it looked like the crime might go unsolved.

The Clarks searched their neighborhood, but also failed to turn up clues until Richard spotted Squeaky sitting staring at him, demanding attention.

“As usual he was looking cute. Non-cat people don’t understand this, but for cat people, almost every sight of a cat is like a paralysing sunbeam, requiring immediate attention.”

What caught Richard’s eye was that Squeaky was sitting beside the missing V bottle.

“He was sitting next to the damn thing, just looking at me as though I was the idiot, and why didn’t I get down here and do something?” said Richard.

The police returned, forensic science did the rest, and DNA from the bottle identified the thief, who is now serving 12 months in jail.

The Clarks said they were taking some time to digest the news about Squeaky’s accident before speaking further about what happened.

[SOURCE: stuff.co.nz]

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