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What We’re Obsessed With: Spring Fashion Campaigns Improved by Cats

Here at Catster HQ, we firmly believe that anything can be improved by cats. So we're pleased to report that our pals at Fashionista.com feel the same way!

Catster HQ  |  Mar 26th 2012

This is too good not to share. Our friends over at Fashionista celebrated the first day of spring last week by Photoshopping cats into ads from 12 of their favorite fashion campaigns of the season. They did this last fall, too, after seeing a post on cats improving music albums in OC Weekly, with great results.

Below are our favorites, but do wander over to Fashionista for the full slideshow.

Cats in bloom for Stella McCartney

Fat cat for Oscar de la Renta

Louis Vuitton’s SS12 campaign was delicious enough with lace and sundaes. Add kittens? Um, our heads just exploded!

Naomi Campbell and CATS for Roberto Cavalli.