Sliced, Minced, Cubed, Pate … Oh My!


Let’s talk about stinky goodness, shall we? It’s one of our cats’ favorite topics, so we might as well discuss it here.

Pimp is officially an addict to wet food. I was giving him a can on some nights, as a treat, and he soon came to expect it. Now, when I go in the kitchen any time after dark (his little feline internal clock is set!), he meows and meows and stands expectantly where I’d put his plate.

He eats Wellness cans, and I always stand in front of the selection at the store wondering what in the world he would prefer. I’m not a cat! Tuna sounds good, right? But is that too cliched? How about turkey? Salmon? Wait … surf or turf?

For some reason I always assume he’ll like the fishy stuff, so that’s what I go for. But then I have to decide between pate, sliced, minced, or cubed. Pate or *something else* that I can understand. But does my cat really know the different between all these fine, fancy cuts?

Turns out, yes, he kind of does.

Cubed gets pushed around the plate as he tries to lick the gravy that surrounds the chunks. Minced gets eaten a little bit more, but it’s still just in the way of the gravy. Sliced, though now that gets eaten! Maybe because the pieces are a little bit bigger? Longer? I have no idea. Again, I’m not a cat. To me, I’d think the smaller bits would be easier to lap up.

So now I’ve got it figured out, right? He prefers fish and sliced and absolutely inhales salmon-flavored sliced cans for five days, until he decides he doesn’t like it anymore … and it’s back to where we started!

Do you guys go through this with your kitties, too? I wish they could do their own food shopping and just buy what they’re in the mood for!

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