The Sky Scratcher Lets Your Cat Wreck the Chicago Skyline


Our first time in Chicago was a holy event. When we saw the splendor of the architecture towering above downtown, we wanted to drop to our knees and pray to it all. Some of the structures are so ornate and expansive, they looked to us as if they’d taken 50 years to design and another 200 years to build. It’s like the ancient Greeks had been given modern-day technology and materials to build the downtown of their dreams.

It takes a lot less to impress a cat.

See, cats’ brains are much smaller than ours, and their equivalent of worship includes clawing, scratching, and shredding. So when we show this Sky Scratcher to our kitty, he’ll think he’s in Chicago and launch into worship by tearing it to pieces. And the Sky Scratcher does resemble Chicago’s Sears Tower (which probably did take 200 years to build).

Anyway. Where were we? Oh yes, cat worship.

We found the Sky Scratcher on a blog called Shoebox Dwelling. Blog editrix Natalia Repolovsky says it’s a good way to preserve your furniture — as a diversion for kitties who’d otherwise “worship” the sofa and loveseat. (To that we say, “Hooray for our bigger brains!”)

It’s no mistake that this item resembles the Sears Tower, which was once the world’s tallest building. Repolovsky says the Sky Scratcher was “inspired by the Chicago skyline,” and it will “make a design statement rather than an eyesore in your home.” It was designed by Mike Estes, who is from Chicago but now lives in Portland.

You can get one at the Etsy shop called (what else?) theskyscratcher.

The product details say the item is stackable, which means you can change and renew parts that your cat “worships” into oblivion. (So much for taking 200 years to build.) There’s no adhesive in the Sky Scratcher, says its maker, and it’s made of recyclable materials.

It’s three feet tall (which we think is close to skyscraper level for a cat) and weighs about 15 pounds. Its base is one foot square.

It’s not the cheapest thing in the universe — $199 — but it does have replaceable parts. And hey, it’s made of “120 floors of cardboard,” says the Etsy page.

Here’s a video of cats engaged in worship.

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