Skeezix the Cat’s Holiday Shopping Guide: Best Friends Animal Society


Spread The Love This Holiday Season

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Are yoo offishully freeking out abowt Krissmiss gifts yoo still need to buy?

You can drop by Best Friends Animal Society and sponsor a cat (or any of thare other animuls) or make a donation in the name of the cat lover on yer gift list — and yer gift will be sent via emale (or yoo can print out the confirmation and stik it in a giftwrapped box!) It’s an espeshully good choice fur the persun hoo has evrything and wood end up regifting whutever yoo gave them anyway! As most of yoo know, Best Friends is the home to a lot of animuls — adoptable as well as unadoptable, seniors, special-needs pets, and barnyard animals. Even berds!

Klik heer to give a Best Friends gift. Yoo have the option of a gift, a membership, or a sponsorship. Sponsorships are my favorite, cuz yoo get to pik owt the cat yoo want to “adopt” and reed thare stories. Sumtimes thare stories make my face leek, but it always makes me feel good to help them out. Yoo can also make donations in memory of someone or somecat. Gifts and memberships can be sent via an e-greeting card. Sponsorships are only $25. And who would ever think of regifting the gift of love?

Heer are just a few of the cats yoo cood sponsor:
This one could sit in your lap all day!

Billie’s had a tough go of it. She was abandoned at the sanctuary in the dead of winter, and it took a few days for her to be found. By the time she was found, she had lost control over her muscular coordination, was severely dehydrated and horribly malnourished. But you should see her now.

With no lingering health problems and her weight regained, Billie couldn’t be happier to be alive, which she shows by soliciting pets and cuddles from just about everyone she meets. And you should hear the music she purrs when she’s comfortably ensconced in your lap.

Billie is definitely a people-cat. She even prefers you to be around when she eats. But she sometimes growls at her fellow felines. She can hold her own against them, but she doesn’t love them the way she loves people.

Billie could spend her whole life being held by you … if you’d let her. Won’t you come pick her up in your arms and take her home?

Or share your love from afar and sponsor this sweet survivor instead!


Do you feel an intense set of eyes on you? Homer must be in the room! He’s like a shy sphinx, always watching his visitors from way up high in the rafters, as though he can see right through them and into their deepest hearts. He’s a handsome orange tabby, but you won’t get to see him too closely. He keeps to himself, and even the other cats seem to respect him and allow him his space. A very intense fellow.

Homer was born in 1996, a stray found in a dumpster. It may not have been a very dignified way to start out in life, but now this fascinating fixture at Best Friends enjoys the rafters and his private, prowling life. Perhaps a sponsor would receive the blessings of this mysterious sphinx!

“I have cancer. Do you still love me?”

Hugo is a happy, active, bundle of fun. A little shy about approaching you, but working on it!

He came from an animal shelter that had fallen apart, and where the animals weren’t being taken care of. He was scared when they found him there. And worse yet, it turned out the little boy has cancer. So he’s going to need a very special home.

He’s only three years old, and gets along very well with other cats. He’s still a little traumatized from neglect … but you can teach him to do almost anything if you offer him a treat! It’s the best way to get him into your lap. He’s working on it. And if anyone deserves a place to finally belong and be accepted — in a real home — it’s Hugo.

And while he’s waiting, please help him receive the care he needs by sponsoring this playful guy today!

What happened to his little nose?

It’s a terrible thing. When he was living out at a shelter in Nevada that had fallen into neglect, Jinx developed skin cancer, and it just progressed and progressed under the hot sun. By the time he was rescued, it was too late for his little face ever to be the same again!

And he’s such a nice cat, too. He loves to be petted, and he’s only about two years old. A little shy about being picked up, and a little bashful around other cats, but with love and care, he’d be sure to blossom in a home, getting more confident about being held, as well as feeling more sure around the other cats (if there happened to be a couple.) He’s just hoping his funny-looking face won’t mean he’ll never get the chance!

In the meantime, Jinx sure could use some help gaining confidence, and would be so happy if you sponsored him.


Scooter was born without back legs. But he’s a happy guy … Β especially when he gets visitors! Every time someone comes to see him, he gets all excited and scoots as fast as he can to be a good host. His eyes are huge and alert … they look almost crazy with enthusiasm when you pet him. His purr is snorty and cute. Some of us think that with his gigantic head and funny fangs, he looks something like a Sesame Street puppet!

Scooter was born in 1997. He was a ‘clinic cat’ in Arizona, keeping a vet staff company and greeting visitors. But because he had no back legs, some of the clientele reported feeling disturbed by his appearance. So the poor guy got fired as welcomer. Now we’re happy to have him here, welcoming our guests at Kitty Motel.

To see these and lots more cats in need of sponsorship, klik heer.

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