Sir Krueger the Stray Defied the Odds With Foster Mom’s Help


0-Catster-Monday-Miracle-badge_37_0 (2)“The children on my street kept telling me there was a three-legged cat hanging around,” says a resident of the Roquetas de Mar municipality in Spain who is known locally for helping to rescue kitties. On the way home from work one Friday, she caught a glimpse of this injured ginger cat herself.

“He was under a car at the end of the avenue, filthy, skinny, and hungry,” she recalls. “He was obviously missing part of his back right leg and had a very nasty infected eye.”

“He broke my heart, and I went straight up to my flat and came back down with food and water for him,” she goes on.

At that point, the lady decided to call this estimated 4-month-old kitten Sir Krueger, a name inspired by one of her own ginger cats named Freddy, who was dumped on her doorstep last year. “When I met Krueger, he reminded me instantly of Freddy,” she explains. “They are a very similar coloring, and with that facial wound, I just knew it was to be Krueger.”

For the next two weeks, the woman who would eventually become the cat’s foster mom set about gaining Krueger’s trust and plotting a rescue mission. “He became a bit of an obsession for me,” she says, adding that she spent a weekend camped outside with food, treats, and a carry case in a bid to entice him in. A local lady called Heba also helped out with Krueger’s daily feedings.

Unfortunately, at this early point, Krueger was too nervous and wary to hop into the cat carrier, so his human helper continued to build up a rapport with him and ensured he had access to food and water each day.

With Krueger’s eye infection showing no signs of healing, she also contacted a local vet and sent over pictures of the wound. She was given antibiotics with which to lace his food.

At this juncture, she decided that Krueger’s future depended on him being successfully (and humanely) trapped. Calls to the local authorities, the Spanish Protectora, proved fruitless, but a nearby vet’s wife put her in touch with a local German lady called Gisella, who provided a cat trap. (Gisella is an “amazing woman,” she says, and currently has more than 100 cats in her care.)

On Friday, October 30, Krueger was successfully trapped. His foster mom says the whole operation only took four minutes. “Heba and I screamed with joy,” she recalls.

Once his foster mom had taken Krueger back to her apartment, she sat with him to calm him down and let him know that he was safe and among friends. “After about an hour, he let me touch him through the bars without hissing or trying to bite,” she says. “I actually managed to put my hand in and stroke him, and he purred until he fell asleep.”

Now comes the grisly part: She took Krueger to a vet, where he was diagnosed with a traumatic partial amputation, and it was noted that his right eyelid had been totally ripped off. To that end, his eyelid and the under-eye had become swollen and infected, while the area around his eye had become raw. The vet also said that he was malnourished and his growth had been stunted, suggesting that he was actually closer to being a year old rather than 4 months.

Oh, and for added bad-luck kicks, it turns out that Heba and the kids who first spotted Sir Krueger also saw him getting hit by a car on the day his foster mom finally caught him. “It’s incredible he wasn’t worse off,” she says.

While recuperating at his foster crib, an abscess on Krueger’s shortened leg began to bleed. His foster mom brought him back to the vet, who decided that a full right-leg amputation was in order. Post-surgery, his foster mom says, “Frankly, having three legs doesn’t seem to bother him,” adding that he’s adept at climbing cat trees and hopping up on the table.

Krueger’s right eye issue is a little more complicated and “some sort of graft or plastic surgery” seems the way to go. (She adds that after setting up Sir Krueger’s Instagram account, his followers have enabled her to fund all of his treatment to date through donations.)

These days, Sir Krueger is living at his foster home along with a whopping seven cats (and one rabbit) for company. His foster mom says that he’s “integrated into my clowder with no problems,” but really needs to secure his own spot. In an ideal world, his forever home will involve “a quiet life with no stress and lots of treats and love.”

Scoot along to Sir Krueger’s Instagram outpost to keep up to date with his story and help out with his adoption mission.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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