Meet Shoko the Pirate Cat, the Sweetest Little Peg-Leg Kitten


Today’s Monday Miracle is Shoko the Pirate, a peg-legged kitten who was scooped up from a foster situation after a pet store in Connecticut deemed her damaged goods. Despite her dinky fourth paw, Shoko still manages to hop and skip around with a playful verve — and also seems to be cultivating a burgeoning portfolio of wrecked toilet rolls.

Asked about the backstory to Shoko’s shortened leg, her owner Lux Alptraum says, “It’s a congenital birth defect caused by her umbilical cord getting wrapped around her back leg while she was in utero, which prevented the foot from fully developing.”

Lux adds that Shoko still “has most of the foot pad, which allows her to run and jump and play and do all sorts of kitten stuff.” Also, her gait is “completely normal” and most people don’t notice her abbreviated leg unless they’re specifically on the lookout for it.

Part of that “kitten stuff” seems to involve Shoko developing a healthy infatuation with all things made of paper. Here she’s managed to skillfully shred her way through an evil toilet roll.

Shoko’s war against paper also involves attempting to defeat a sinister piece of tissue wrap.

She’s also recently expanded her crusade to declare an all-out attack on packaging and consumer bags of all shapes, sizes, and textures.

Shoko was originally named after a one-armed character in the show Adventure Time, with her sea-faring suffix being added because “with her peg-leg she makes a natural pirate.” Of course, this also means Shoko is willing to dabble with the occasional wet dip.

She’s also not against using a splash of water to spike up her haircut and become the world’s foremost punk pirate kitty.

To check out a whole bunch more pics and videos of Shoko the Pirate and keep updated on her story, you can head over to her Instagram gallery and peruse her sassy Twitter feed.

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