Slap Your Car, Save a Kitten!


If you live in a cold climate, you should adopt and promote a habit that will save many cats from a gruesome end. Slap your car.

That’s right. Pound on the hood a couple of times and listen for movement. If you hear a cat, remove her before you start your engine — a quick trick that will spare you from the horror and grief of finding a mutilated cat in your engine

Many cats — feral and otherwise — frequently seek the warmth of a car engine. In milder weather, it might mean sitting on the hood when you arrive home from work. When the weather is brutally cold, Cats (usually smaller cats) will climb up into the engine compartment for warmth and shelter.

Here’s a recent example. A sweet tuxie now named “Milk” had to undergo emergency surgery for serious injuries after the engine of the car in which she was hiding was started up. (For more details about her injuries, click here.)

She was brought to the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society. She had been hiding in a car engine and wdhen the car was started, Milk was severely injured.

Veterinarian Kate Spaulding says that Milk is lucky to have survived.

When Milk arrived at Dakin, she was in very poor condition. It was uncertain if she would survive. Her body temperature had dropped to 92 degrees. Normal body temperature for a cat is 101 degrees Fahrenheit. She was emaciated and extremely frightened.

But now her prognosis is good (thanks to the prompt attention and care she received from Dakin), and when she recovers, she will be available for adoption — perhaps sometime within the next week.

Dakin suggests that people bang on the hoods of their cars before starting them to scare away any small animals that might be hiding.

Here’s the video report:

Cat survives being stuck in car engine:


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