Resolutions Time!


Skeezix and I had a heated argument about who would get to write a post on New Year’s Resolutions. He thinks he should make the recommendations for cat owners, while I should advise cats on areas for improvement in 2010.

Long story short, he head-butted me into submission, and I’ve never been able to resist his baby blues. So today, he’ll recommend resolutions for cat owners, and tomorrow I’ll recommend resolutions for cats. Take it away, Skeez…

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Nobuddy knows better than a cat how impurrfect our owners can be. So heer’s a list of sugjestions for things you can resolve to do better in 2010:

1. More grooming! Grooming makes for happier, healthier cats. We love the one-on-one attention, and it’s the best thing you can do to avoid hareballs which reek havuk with our innerds. It also gives you the oppertoonity to get to know our bodies well… so that when we are tender, or have a little toomer, you’ll find it before it becomes a big ixpensive deel.

2. Help the elderly care for their pets. Have an elderly frend or famly member? Volunteer to help with grooming and cat box maintenance. My gramma loves her cat, Babe, but furgits to groom him or kleen his litter box. The Food Lady handles that for her, and Babe LOVES the attention. She also gives Babe his pills, cuz gramma has trubble remembering that, too. Some shelters have programs for which you can volunteer that send peeple to help the elderly with thare pets.

3. Help feral cats in yer community. Volunteer for a TNR program, or to feed feral colonies. Your local shelters or your vet can hook you up with feral groops in yer area. Don’t have the time? Make periodic cat food donations.

4. Commit to more one-on-one time with your cat. If your cat is an indoor cat, take her for strolls in a pet stroller, or carry her in a pet pouch (either messenger bag or backpack style) when you go for walks. Give up some TV time and play with her. She’ll be in better physical shape, and a happier cat.

5. Don’t Skip Flea Treetments. It’s easy to let the date slide by when it’s time for the next treetment, but it’s not a good idea. Even one flea can terrorize a cat with a flea allergy. And if the fleas git a stronghold, it’s a pane to git them out of the bedding, carpets, furnicher and stuff like that.

6. Don’t put off dental cleenings either, espeshully in older cats. It can save yer cat a lot of discumfert in the long run.

7. Are you trying to poison us? What cleeners do you use in yer home and garden? Evrything we cats come in contakt with gits injested, yep, even stuff on owr pawpads. We lik lik lik evrything off our furs and if it’s toxik it can make us sick. Evaluate the products you use, and selekt non-toxic alternatives. Heer are a few to start:

  • Floor cleener/wax
  • Countertop clenzers
  • Upholstery cleener
  • Carpet cleener
  • Bathroom clenzers
  • Toilet clenzers – espeshully the ones that live inside the toilet
  • Garden poisons, like snail bait
  • Cocoa-based mulch

8. Do you have a mellow cat who’s good with peeple? Consider getting her sertified as a Therapy Pet. You’ll be able to pawtisipate in Therapy programs, or take her to visit hospital payshunts or peeple in rest homes (who’ve had to give up thare cats.)

9. Store catnip toys in a container filled with catnip. This will keep the smell strong, and yoo’ll hardly ever need to buy new nip toys!

10. Reed The Cat’s Meow evry day … or better yet, subscribe!

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