(Insert Best Pet Name Here) Needs A Loving Home

TheCuteList.com is sponsoring a contest to name a needy cat from the San Francisco SPCA. So here’s the deal, they’ll rename the following cat whatever gets the most points in the thread for cat names. Hopefully, a great adoption story will result from this contest.

Here are the rules, straight from TheCuteList.com:

The only rule is it can’t contain any profanity (this name will appear on the door for potential adopters to marvel at — keep it family friendly). Submit your ideas and cast your votes before the deadline of Wednesday, Dec. 10th at noon Pacific. Winners will receive a priceless warm & fuzzy feeling and maybe something slightly more tangible.

Tory, in her own words:
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Oh Hai! I have traveled a long way to be here. I started my life in Ventura County, and for some reason I ended up at the local shelter. Luckily, I was rescued and endured a long car ride along with 5 other cats. Since I arrived at The San Francisco SPCA several months ago, all of my traveling companions have found homes. Don’t get me wrong, this room with a view is a big upgrade from a cage. It’s nice and all, but it’s not a real home :(

I am a very sweet lady, and I promise that I will give you lots of love if you let me join your family. I’m not a picky cat, but I do have one request: to be your one and only feline…other cats aren’t exactly my cup of tea. Please take me home…it’s what I dream of every night!