Readers Share Photos of Their Cats in Their Favorite Spots


Editor’s note: This story originally appeared in the July/August 2016 issue of Catster print magazine. Click here to subscribe to Catster magazine.

In every print issue of Catster, we ask you, the readers, to send you images of your cats on a certain topic. In the July/August issue, that topic was “My Favorite Spot.” Here are the ones the print editors chose to appear in the magazine. If you’d like to get your cat featured in this Catster section, scroll to the end to see how the process works.

1. Oliver

This shot of Oliver, looking ever-so-slightly guilty in a bathroom sink, was submitted by Nicole Pane.


2. Boots

Boots, who lives with Linda Littlejohn, seems to be asking, “Whaaaat?”


3. Murphy

Murphy, who belongs to Katie Moore, we’re pretty sure is mocking us.


4. Simon

“All is well in my world,” says Simon, who belongs to


5. Abbytail

Abbytail has a rather interesting way of taking maximum comfort from a cushy couch or loveseat. (Thanks, Pat Ford.)


6. Fred

Fred’s needs are simple: A wooden chair. (Fred lives with Jennifer Goerner.)


7. Bernie

We would say Bernie likes to read, but we know better. Bernie probably like preventing his human, Kate Zeiger, from reading.


8. Kiki

“Kiki loves to hang out on top of our fridge,” offers Trudy Yanchick.


9. Kori

Kori’s needs are met on a carpet at the very top of the stairs. Sherry Thompson captures the kitty good life in this shot.


10. Bagheera

Bagheera, owned by Dee Vega, prefers a cool kitchen counter spot.


11. Blackjack and Pipi

These two cats who live with Kristina Newell love to share — their fur, by sitting in dresser drawers.


12. Charley

Charley, on the other hand, likes his alone time in a box. Just ask Eva Gharabaghi..


13. Max

Then there’s Max, who lives with Fran Kelliher, who makes full use of the back of a kitchen chair by using it as a chin rest. Fran says “it’s his favorite spot — so he doesn’t miss anything.”


14. Kaydin

Finally there’s Megan Noel’s cat Kaydin, who hops into a laundry basket for a hiding place and a great view at the same time.


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