Poonchic the Cat Dresses Up and Cruises Hollywood in Cars


Poonchic is a cat who likes to cruise. Yep, when it comes to his leisure time, this suave feline enjoys snagging the shotgun seat in a car and driving around Hollywood, checking out the local sights and turning heads. It’s no surprise that he’s become a hit on the social media circuit — and here’s how Poonchic does it.

A bump in the road

Image via Instagram

When it comes to Poonchic’s back story, his owner, Binazir, recalls, “One day we found a little kitty with a broken tail and a big bump on his head.”

It was a fortuitous meeting, as Poonchic and his humans quickly became smitten with each other.

“From the first second we found him we fell in love and decided to adopt him,” explains Binazir. “Since then Poonchic has been a big part of our life and we’ve never looked back.”

A lip-smacking kitty

Image via Instagram

If you’re wondering about Poonchic’s exotic-sounding name, his moniker is inspired by “a delicious Persian pastry.” As Binazir explains, “It’s crunchy on the outside with a delicious soft filling — the same as our very own Poonchic. Irresistible.”

Turbo powered paws

Image via Instagram

Viewers of Poonchic’s Instagram account will know that he’s all about spending his afternoons cruising around in cars.

“He started showing an interest in car rides when he was a little kitty,” recalls Binazir. “We took him out for car rides a couple of times and that was it.”

Showing a flair for the four-wheeled scene, Poonchic often likes to “stick his head out the window and enjoy the wind blowing in his face.”

Take the safe road

Image via Instagram

When it comes to embarking on a road trip with a feline, Binazir says that “safety comes first — so we always have someone next to Poonchic while driving.”

She also says you should never let a cat “out of the window on busy main roads,” and that you need to drive slowly so “your pets are comfortable enough to explore the world around them.”

Music to drive by

Image via Instagram

After you’ve taken care of your cat cruising safety concerns, you’ll next want to address the important issue of what playlist you’ll listen to while you roll along the open road.

“Poonchic actually loves music,” says Binazir, “and Lana Del Rey is his favorite. But if he was in charge of music he would play some good old classics like the Rolling Stones, Queen, and Prince.”

Who’s that cat?

Image via Instagram

The sight of Poonchic drifting around town in his car is always guaranteed to turn heads. As Binazir says, “People get very excited when they see Poonchic in the car. He can always put smile on peoples’ faces and he receives lots of attention.

“Girls love him. He gets cat whistles!”

Can cats be dogs?

Image via Instagram

If you delve into Poonchic’s back story, you’ll learn that he snagged the title of Most Dog-Like Cat at the World Dog Awards.

What’s this cross-species title all about?

“The World Dog Awards were an amazing experience that we never forget,” says Binazir. “We got to meet many celebrities and their cute puppies. Poonchic is super chill and because of his dog-like personality he is known as the Most Dog-Like Cat in Hollywood.

“We’re so proud of our little champion!”

Check out Poonchic’s Instagram account for more of his cruising adventures.

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