Don’t Take Vaccine Advice From Activists


I am the first person to admit that I do not know how often pets need vaccines. I am not alone this lack of knowledge. Absolutely nobody knows how often pets need vaccines.

I do, however, sometimes feel like I am alone in my willingness to admit that I don’t have all the answers when it comes to animal vaccination. And I frequently bump heads with two groups who claim, wrongly, that they do know how often pets should be vaccinated.

Members of the first group aren’t likely to comment on this blog, but they have plenty of money to throw around. They fund “studies” and publish “scientific papers” to justify their cause. I am referring to vaccine manufacturers. Their conflict of interest is obvious. If they sell more vaccines, they make more money. I am skeptical of what they say, and I urge you to take the same attitude.

The second group uses tactics that are remarkably similar to push for the opposite agenda. This group consists of anti-vaccination activists. Members of this group publish online summaries of data that cherry-pick the scientific literature to focus on and exaggerate the risks of vaccines. They tend to ignore data that contradict their arguments. Like the vaccine manufacturers, their interest is not in true science. They are promoting an agenda. I view everything they say with the same skepticism that I reserve for the companies making vaccines.

The true facts of animal vaccination are incredibly complicated. The details are phenomenally nuanced. Anyone who claims the matter is simple either does not understand the subject or is pushing an agenda.

I urge you not to heed the calls of those who claim that all pets need every vaccine every year. Equally, when someone tells you that pets never need shots, please ingest their comments with several grains of salt.

Do not let your pet fall victim to any group’s agenda.

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