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Pix We Love: Toast the “Cats on Tap” Instagram Trend

What's not to love about cats and craft beer? Grab your favorite drink and enjoy these photos!

Phillip Mlynar  |  Sep 30th 2015

The other week, I was delighted to discover a brew by the Maine Beer Company that was named after a cat. Well, it turns out that was just a mere fiber in the great feline-beer nexus — as proved by an Instagram account called Cats on Tap, which is all about spotlighting the marvelous relationship between kitties and craft brews.

Here’s a photo-based peek into this very sophisticated world, where hops and catnip commingle and good times ensue.

Introducing Cats on Tap

Pictured here is Milly, one of the official Cats on Tap kitties. She’s perusing a fine selection of bottled brews sourced from Oregon.

You can have it all

There’s a lot going on here, what with a Congress Street IPA from the Trillium Brewing Company and a discerning tabby engaging in some Miley Cyrus tongue action.

Going up on a Tuesday

When it comes to weekday lunch and lounge sessions, this classy kitty takes it up a notch with a Japanese rice lager.

Beer 101

Lagunitas IPA was a popular beer and it still is — as these aspiring hop hounds are fast discovering.

Don’t judge

We’ve all been there — and this fine salted mango chili sour from the Paradox Beer Company is a distinguished way to pass out.

Boxing clever

#beercat has become a #beerfort CATerpillar for #catboxsunday. ? @cletus_burst #brewcat #beerkitty

A photo posted by Beer Cats (@catsontap) on

Move over Maru — from now on the only acceptable cat-in-a-box action involves beer cases.

Snug tactics

See how this resourceful kitty has turned a discarded Sixpoint cardboard case into a tailored cat fort?

Leave me be!

The beer-fort principle works when you’re drunk, too.

Double trouble

And there are no rules about the number of beer forts you can stack together, as these dinky fans of Shiner’s low-cal Light Blonde brew prove.


This black beauty is in awe at the combination of the pro-level beer glass on offer and the alliteration of the London-based Beavertown’s Black Betty Black IPA.

Embrace your impatience

When a thirsty Sphynx meets a Hop Hog IPA, formal tasting rules fly out the window.

The Weights and Measures Act of 1824

This impeccably groomed kitty is starting to suspect that he’s not getting a full imperial pint of beer.

Time, gentlemen, please!

This ambitious go-getter is smartly calling it a day as he retires to sup from a can of one of the Forgotten Boardwalk’s Curious Ales.

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